The Terrible Talent Show Chaos by Colin, Rontrell, Jaime and Stephen

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Once, when I was a superhero, I had a mighty rival who was a super villain. He wanted to take over the world. His identity was Simon Cowbell.


I was just a normal lizard who was bitten by a radioactive spider. The spider gave me the power to shape shift. My name is Billy Bob.

I was just walking on the sidewalk and saw a talent show contest poster. So I entered the contest.


On the night of the show, I performed my talent of shape shifting. The judges were blown away.


Then I noticed that one of the judges was my old villain, Simon Cowbell. I thought his brainwashing days were over. He was looking for his sidekick, Horns, who was not the smartest guy but strong.


Then I saw Horns. He was in the talent show! His talent was singing.


Simon Cowbell saw his sidekick and called him over. He whispered, “Let’s destroy this place!”


“Okay,” Horns said.


Then Simon Cowbell shot lava out of his eyes. His sidekick, Horns, started knocking over tables.


They took over the talent show building. At first, I didn’t know what to do and neither did the cops. After I formulated a plan, I took action.


I went in and I got caught. Horns tied me up. I shape shifted into an elephant and broke free.


I tied up Horns and brought him to the cops. Simon Cowbell was still there. I went back in and he caught me. I then morphed into a rhino and ran him over. That was the end of Simon Cowbell.


After that, I retired from being a superhero. I hope you liked my tale.