Author Visit Guide

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Dianne speaking to students at Stratford Elementary in Stratford, California

Dianne speaking to students at Stratford Elementary in Stratford, California

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Thank you for your interest in an author visit with Award-Winning Author and Storyteller Dianne de Las Casas. Here is what your school can expect.

Honorarium: The out-of-state fee is $1,500 /day plus expenses. If three or more schools in the same area block-book, the fee is $1,200/day plus expenses. Expenses include airfare, baggage fees, ground transportation, meals, lodging (arranged and prepaid by host), mileage, and any other related costs. The fee includes reading posters to display around the school and in the library, and bookmarks for all the students. A deposit of 20% is required to secure the date.

For ideas on how to fund an author visit with Dianne, visit Click on “Fund Dianne’s Visit” under “About Dianne.”

Professional Development: Dianne is also available for professional development teacher in-service sessions. A same day add-on in-service is $500 for 90 to 120 minutes. Dianne has many professional development topics, most of which are book titles with Libraries Unlimited, a division of ABC-Clio. Please request a list from Dianne, her booking agent (Carmen Oliver, or her assistant (Cali Belmont

Literacy/Family Night, Book Fair, or PTA Presentation: If you interested in an evening presentation, the add-on fee is $500 per 45 minute session.

Lodging Arrangements: If Dianne is traveling by vehicle 1.5 hours or more from her home base, she requires lodging. Lodging must be arranged and prepaid by the host. Dianne prefers to stay in a major hotel/motel chain such as Hampton Inn & Suites (preferred) or Holiday Inn Express in a non-smoking, non pet room (due to allergies). There must be wireless or high speed Internet access for Dianne’s business communications. If staying in a hotel that charges for Internet, the host will assume the charges.

Travel: Dianne travels on all major airlines but prefers Delta. If you are arranging and paying for airfare, please check with Dianne for dates and times. Dianne travels from the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans when she is traveling from her home base. If ground transportation (shuttle, taxi and/or rental car) is necessary, Dianne will submit an expense reimbursement form. Dianne loves having a local “host” escort her so please feel free to have someone from your school take her from place to place (cuts down on your expenses too). If Dianne has to drive, mileage will be charged at the current IRS mileage rate.

Meals: If you are providing any meals, please be aware that Dianne has an anaphylactic allergy to seafood and she does not eat meat (she does eat dairy and eggs). Meal expenses will be submitted post-trip unless a per diem is provided. Dianne loves milk CHOCOLATE and Riesling wine (after hours)! 😉

A Full Day Visit: Dianne prefers to work in one elementary school for the entire day. This allows her the opportunity to see all the grades in up to three 45-minute assembly programs, as well as time for lunch and book signings. She tailors programs for grades PK-6. Be aware that book signings take time and Dianne personalizes all books for the students and teachers. Dianne is also willing to do a “Lunch with the Author” with select students (suggestions: student council, yearbook and/or newspaper staff, and/or students of the month). It’s a great incentive for students and Dianne loves meeting them in a more personal environment.

Pictures & Autographs: Say, “Cheese!” Dianne is always willing to take pictures. Due to the large number of autographs Dianne signs, she limits autographs to her books but is willing to provide the school office or library with an autographed poster and/or picture to hang up. All students receive bookmarks from Dianne so everyone leaves with a souvenir.

Flyers/Media: Flyers, pictures, book covers, and a bio can be downloaded from Dianne’s website. Please feel free to create promotional materials as you see fit. Visit Go to “Media Kit.” Dianne is also willing to meet with local media for interviews and loves seeing schools receive good publicity.

Study Guides/Book Activities: Classroom reading and discussion of Dianne’s books will greatly facilitate student comprehension of the educational content of her program and books. Study guides and book activities can be accessed on Dianne’s website, and go to “Book Activities.” There, you will find coloring sheets, bookmarks, hidden pictures, word searches, story theater scripts, puppets, puppet theater scripts, and more for each of Dianne’s children’s books!

Language Arts Extension: If you would like for the students to practice their writing skills, encourage them to write a letter to the visiting author! Letters can be mailed to:

Dianne de Las Casas
Author and Storyteller
P.O. Box 2656
Harvey, LA 70059

A letter template is available and printable from Dianne’s website in the Book Activities section. Click on “Author Visit Letter” in any of the book activities. Bulk letters from classes are welcome. All mail is answered personally by Dianne via snail mail although it sometimes takes a little while due to her touring and writing schedule.

Teachers and students can also email Dianne at Dianne loves hearing from you!

Book Signing: Book orders for book signings can be arranged through the school sales manager for Pelican Publishing Co., the publisher of Dianne’s children’s books. You can contact John Scheyd at or 1-800-843-1724, ext. 329. Books are ordered at 40% off list price. You can choose the price point at which you offer them to your staff and students. You can also order books through your local bookseller/distributor or through Baker & Taylor or Ingram. For a complete list of Dianne’s books, email her booking agent (Carmen Oliver or her assistant (Cali Belmont

Assembly Set-up: Please have the performance area clear of any activity at least 30 minutes prior to my scheduled start time. Dianne prefers a wireless headset microphone, wireless lavalier, or a wireless handheld microphone. If neither of these is available, Dianne can work with a wired handheld microphone. Dianne prefers to be on an elevated stage with audience access but can also perform on the floor, with the students seated on the floor.

Bulletin Boards & Welcome Signs: It is not required but it is a nice touch for an author visit. It gets the children excited about the author visit, lets everyone know Dianne is coming, and shows great school spirit. It also emphasizes your dedication to literacy. Printables from all of her books can be found on under “Book Activities.” Besides that, Dianne will take tons of pictures and post them to her Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Instagram, and Blog. ?

Please provide: A 6-8 foot table to set up a book display and a bottle of cold spring water to drink for each assembly program.

Seating Arrangement: Typically, Dianne requires a 10’X 10′ performance area. If she performs on the floor, the first row of students should be seated on the floor with their legs folded, flat on their bottoms (no chairs please) behind a taped line on the floor (masking tape works well). The youngest students should be in the first row; the oldest students seated in the back rows. Please provide a center aisle where I may easily access the audience and for safety reasons. Please arrange for chairs to be set up for teachers along the outside aisles next to their class and ask teachers to refrain from correcting papers, reading, and talking during the performance. They are role-modeling audience etiquette for the children. Please avoid sitting students on bleachers except where floor seating is impossible.

Assembly Start Time: Please ensure that the students are seated and settled in advance of the scheduled start time so that the assembly may begin on time to allow for a full program. Due to a tight schedule, Dianne must end the program 45 minutes after the scheduled start time.

Introduction: Please have the assembly coordinator or other designated person introduce Dianne. At the time of the performance, she will provide a ready-made introduction card for this purpose or you can download one at under “Media Kit.”

Schools Bells: Please have school bells turned off in the performance facility during the assembly if your system allows.

Payment: As stated in the Service Agreement and/or Service Invoice, payment is due before or on the day of the performance. Expenses will be billed separately. If payment was not mailed prior to the performance, please arrange to have payment ready on the performance date. Checks should be made payable to Dianne de Las Casas.

Your cooperation with these requests is greatly appreciated and will help to ensure a safe and enjoyable performance for both the performer and the audience. Dianne looks forward to visiting your school. Thank you.