The Case of the Habanero Chilies by Tazya, Kailee, Colin and Earle

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It was a warm, foggy morning and Chad the Giraffe was just about to play with his red basketball. Suddenly, Chad spotted a bowl full of spicy habanero chilies. Chad slowly approached the chilies and gulped them all down. He went back outside to play ball.


A while later, Shelly the wolf walked into the kitchen to cook her famous pork chops. After she finished cooking her famous pork chops, she searched for her spicy habanero chilies. They were nowhere to be found. She searched everywhere in the kitchen.


When she couldn’t find the chilies, she went to the backyard to ask Chad if he had seen them. Chad asked nervously, “Did you check the living room?”


So Shelly went on to check in the living room and nothing was there. Shelly hurried angrily into the backyard and proclaimed, “Did you eat my chilies?!”


Chad looked into Shelly’s eyes and was paralyzed with fear. Chad told Shelly he would help her find some more chilies. They rushed to the market to find chilies. They searched and searched but couldn’t find any. They looked on the last aisle and spotted a red basket full of chilies. Shelly was so happy she screamed with joy and thanked Chad.


Shelly finished her famous pork chops topped with a habanero chili sauce. She entered them into a national pork chop contest and won first place.


Shelly exclaimed, “I can’t believe I won!”


They crowned her the “Pork Chop Princess.” From that time on, Chad never touched Shelly’s chilies again.