Roachpunzel by Dasia, Amben, Mya and Jakhyri

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Once upon a time, there lived a princess named Roachpunzel. She lived in a far east village in New York City. She had long, long blonde hair and wore a beautiful purple dress.


Misty, the evil squirrel witch, trapped Roachpunzel at the top of a skyscraper.


“I wish I could stroll in Central Park and see the Statue of Liberty!” Roachpunzel declared.


One day, she saw a prince roach climbing the side of the skyscraper.


“That is just foolishness!” Roachpunzel proclaimed. Suddenly, she realized that he could save her.


Quickly, she yelled, “Help! Help!”


The roach prince climbed up and introduced himself. “My name is Juan.” he stated.


Roachpunzel climbed on Prince Juan’s back and they began crawling down. All of a sudden, the witch squirrel, in a nearby tree, snarled, “You think you can escape me?! Ha!”


The witch squirrel stored poisonous nuts in her mouth and spat them at Juan and Roachpunzel. But Juan was too fast for the slimy nuts.

Then it started to rain. The witch yelled, “Nooooo! My fur!”


The witch squirrel fell out of her tree and into sticky mud. That bought Roachpunzel and Prince Juan some time. They scurried into a sewer and never saw the evil witch squirrel ever again. And they lived happily ever after.


The End