Captured! by Ashley, Dustin, Brooke, and Sean

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Once there was a chipmunk named Sabrina and an ant named George. They were the best of friends.


One cool, windy day, Sabrina was skipping in the woods and she heard an eerie sound. She looked up and spotted the evil, wicked witch, Mr. Foret. The witch grabbed Sabrina and stuffed her inside a sack. She screamed, “Help me, somebody!”


George started to wonder where Sabrina was. He walked outside and yelled, “Sabrina!”


He heard a mysterious laugh. George said, “Oh no! It is Mr. Foret the evil witch.”


George was so disgusted that the wicked witch took Sabrina. He decided to follow the wicked witch. He called all of his friends and said, “We need to catch a witch named Mr. Foret.”


George’s friends looked hopeless because the witch disappeared. The ants finally found the witch’s tower. Everyone but George went through the door.


George decided to climb and mine his way through the tower. George found Mr. Foret and climbed up his leg. George bit Mr. Foret, grabbed Sabrina, and jumped out of the window.


Luckily, George’s friends took care of Mr. Foret. No one ever saw the witch again. And they lived happily ever after.


The End