Bissonet Plaza Elementary Residency – The War of the Three Headed Dragon and Dinosaurs by Melaysia, Vanessa, Cameron & Cyrus

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The War of the Three Headed Dragon and Dinosaurs
By Melaysia, Vanessa, Cameron, and Cyrus
Ms. Brumfield’s fifth grade, morning class

6 million years ago, there were two dinosaurs. Their names were Rexamillion and Pterodactyl. There was also a three headed dragon who was evil. Nobody liked him. He was so evil, but he made volcanoes erupt gum. His name was Razor.

One day, the two dinosaurs and the three headed dragon had a huge argument about the gum erupting. Reximillion said, “Let’s settle this like real animals.”

So they started fighting. All you could see was gum being thrown. The fight was over when the big dragon fell over. But, he was just pretending!

A year later, they forgot about everything. They became close friends and never had an argument again.

The End