Bissonet Plaza Elementary Residency – The Magical Beans by Logan

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The Magical Beans
By Logan
Ms. Mora’s fourth grade

Once upon a time, there was a duck named Lazy Steve and a dolphin named Destiny. Lazy Steve and Destiny went to a restaurant.

As they were eating, the waiter said, “It will be $5.95.”

So Destiny handed the waiter the money but the money fell under the table. She went under the table and said, “Steve, look under the table!”

Steve looked under the table. “Wow!” He said. “There are magical beans here.”

Destiny and Steve took the beans, gave the money to the waiter, and ran to Destiny’s house.

When they got to her house, they looked inside the bag of beans. There were instructions. Steve read the instructions. “Say a person’s name with the beans in your hand.”

So Steve tried it out. He said Destiny’s name with the beans in his hand. He turned into Destiny! Steve and Destiny didn’t know they were someone’s else’s beans.

They didn’t want to sell the beans because of its magical properties, but they needed the money. So they went into town trying to sell the beans for $50.

A person approached Steve and said, “Hello, can I have those beans?”

Steve said, “Okay, but pay up.” So the guy did. It was late so Destiny and Steve went home and went to bed.

The next morning, someone knocked at Destiny’s door. She opened the door. A man named Scott said, “did you see any magic beans?”

Destiny said, “Yes, I sold them. But I know who I sold them to.”

Scott said, “Please get them back!”

So Destiny got the magic beans back and gave Scott the beans. Scott said, “Thank you so much!”

Scott was so happy that he gave Destiny $500.

And that’s the end of the story.