Bissonet Plaza Elementary Residency – Little Red Riding Fish by Noemis

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Little Red Riding Fish
By Noemis
Ms. Moras fourth grade

Once upon a time, there lived a fish. He was swimming through a rain forest to visit grandma’s house.

An eagle jumped out and said, “I will eat you little fish. I will eat you!”

The fish said, “I can’t talk to strangers!” So, the fish went underwater and swam away to grandmas house.

The eagle was following the fish above the water, but the eagle got to grandmas house before the fish could. When the eagle got to grandma’s house, he put grandma in a closet. Grandma yelled, “Helllp!”

The eagle put on a grandma costume. The little fish opened the door and said, “Grandma, I’m home.”

The little fish went to grandma’s room and said, “Oh grandma, what a long beak you have. Oh grandma, what furry feathers you have. Oh grandma, what puny legs you have.”

The eagle, disguised as grandma, said, “Oh you know I am just grandma!”

Then grandma busted out of the closet! The little fish said to the eagle, “You’re not grandma. You are a big bad eagle.”

Grandma called the cops and said, “There is a big bad eagle in the house and he wants to eat me and my grandchild.”

The cops came and took the eagle to jail. The eagle never bothered Little Red Riding Fish or grandma ever again.

The End