Bissonet Plaza Elementary Residency – Haunted Truth or Dare by Daniel

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Haunted Truth or Dare
By Daniel
Ms. Mora’s fourth grade

Once upon a time, there was a moose and a Rattlesnake. On Halloween night, they decided to have a Halloween party. Lion, Tiger, Bear, Moose, and Snake were playing “Truth or Dare.”

While Snake was drinking a rattaccino, Lion said, “I dare Moose and Snake to go into the haunted house of Henry Hughes!”

“What!? The haunted house of Henry Hughes! No way!” said Snake.

“Why not?” asked Moose.

Snake answered, “I hate to say it, but I am scared of haunted houses!”

Moose reassured snake, “Well, I am going to make all the scary things disappear with my ghost hunting equipment. It won’t be scary. Just come along.”

So Snake and Moose entered the house. Moose said, “Look, it’s not even scary.”

“Ooooh,” said Snake, “yessss, it isssss ssssscary!”

Moose and Snake walked around the couch, up the stairs, and into the closet to hide. Then…

Someone walked in. It was big and it was scary!

Snake yelled, “Ahhhhh!” Then snake got sucked into Moose’s ghost hunting equipment. Moose ran down the stairs, over the couch, and out the door, screaming.

The intruder laughed. He took off his mask. It was Bear. Bear said, “I finally scared Moose. Ha ha ha ha!”

The End