Eliana’s Valentine Teddy Tea Party – Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friends: On Valentine’s Day, I threw a small tea for Eliana and her closest friends – “Eliana’s Valentine Teddy Tea.” They brought an animal with them and we had places for them at the table too. In addition, each girl received a new Valentine Teddy Bear. We served popcorn chicken, fries, 5 layer taco dip, […] Read More

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Dianne Performing Scared Silly at Audubon Elementary – Friday, October 31, 2008

Friends: I had the pleasure of performing at Audubon Elementary in Kenner, Louisiana. I performed at the school last year and many of the students remembered me! When they saw me, they began singing my song “Peanut Butter and Jelly Jam.” My “Scared Silly” show began with grades 3-5. The school was celebrating a Fall […] Read More

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Craft: Valentine Box

Friends: Happy Valentine’s Day. I made this simple Valentine carrying box for Eliana, my seven year old. She is taking it to school, stuffed with Valentine treats for her classmates. She can also bring home the Valentine treats she receives. It’s very easy. It took less than ten minutes. Materials: Tissue Box with large opening […] Read More

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Craft: Handy Valentine Cards

      These Valentine cards are fun and simple. Trace a hand (I like a child’s hand but your own works well too) onto construction paper folded in half. That way, you’ll get two Valentines with one cut. Cut out a heart to glue in the palm of each hand. Write a word on […] Read More

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