Eliana’s Annual Spookover – Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friends: Yesterday, Eliana had her 5th annual Spookover Halloween party. The girls came over in costume. They looked awesome! Eliana made monster finger cookies. They looked so real. Of course, there was a terrifying tablescape‚Ķ Okay, maybe not so terrifying but very spectacular! We went to the Lafitte fire department haunted house. When we came […] Read More

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Klein ISD, Texas Tour – October 21-26, 2012

Friends: This past week, I toured in Klein ISD in Houston, Texas. I had a great time in five different schools. On Monday, I visited Lemm elementary. Linda Viehe was my host and is the school’s librarian. The students were so much fun! On Tuesday, I visited Middlestadt Elementary. Rachel Bullen is the school librarian. […] Read More

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Happy Halloween at Trick-O-Trunk – Friday, October 31, 2008

Friends: After my shows, I rushed home so that Eliana and I could get ready for “Trick-O-Trunk” at our church. “Trick-O-Trunk” is a gathering of cars in a parking lot, decorated for Halloween. Instead of the children trick-o-treating from house to house, they go from trunk to trunk. The children don’t have to walk as […] Read More

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Dianne Performs “Scared Silly” at Kerner Elementary – Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friends: Today I had the pleasure of performing “Scared Silly” to celebrate Halloween at Kerner Elementary in Lafitte, Louisiana. I saw the entire school – K-6 grades in two performances. The first performance was for grades K-3. The students were so enthusiastic and participatory. They were absolutely wonderful and perfectly behaved. Following my show, I […] Read More

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Scared Silly at the St. Bernard Parish Library – Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friends: Yesterday, I had a “Scared Silly” show at the Council for Aging in Chalmette sponsored by the St. Bernard Parish Library. It was a full, fun crowd. Eliana came with me and dressed in costume as a witch. Here is Eliana posing for pictures with a fan. Too cute! I told “The House that […] Read More

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Eliana’s Spookover – Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friends: Saturday was a blast! The night of my 8 year old daughter, Eliana’s Spookover, finally arrived! Eliana was ready for some swashbuckling fun. Argh, matey! We worked all day cleaning, decorating, and cooking. I set up my spooky backdrop and decorated the table full of frightening food – bloody pigs in a blanket, petrifying […] Read More

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Craft: Wrappin’ Mummy Rolls

Wrappin’ Mummy Roll Craft Supplies: 1 tissue paper roll Old t-shirt ripped into 1 inch strips or gauze Pot of old coffee Large googly eyes Hot glue Directions: To make the t-shirt or gauze look old, soak it in the coffee for 10-20 minutes. Allow to dry. Gluing one end down, wrap a foot long […] Read More

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Craft: Batty Sock Bat

Batty Sock Bat Craft Supplies: New sock Fiberfill stuffing 1 large sheet of foam matching the color of sock 1 Red chenille stick 1 chenille stick in a color matching the sock Two medium size Googly Eyes White cardstock or index card Hot glue Directions: Stuff one sock with fiberfill about 3/4 full. Tie the […] Read More

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Craft: Boo Bag

Craft: Boo Bags Supplies: White paper lunch bags Extra large Googly Eyes Single hole punch Long chenille stick (or 2 twisted together) Black marker Directions: Instead of buying expensive, fancy Halloween goody bags, have the children make their own Boo Bags. Open a white paper lunch bag. Roll down the top twice to create a […] Read More

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Craft: Ghoulish Guessing Game

Ghoulish Guessing Game Supplies: 3X5 index cards Glue Clip art of Halloween monsters Safety Pins Directions: This is a fun guessing game, especially for a party or program. Print out clip art of different Halloween creatures (mummy, witch, vampire, bat, jack-o-lantern, ghost, Frankenstein, black cat, scarecrow, skeleton, etc.) and glue to a 3X5 […] Read More

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