Games: Valentine Variations of “Hang Man”

Friends, A couple of days ago, Eliana, my little 7 year old, created a new game. She was so excited yelling, “Mommy, Mommy, I want you to play my new game!” What she showed me astounded me. It’s simple but brilliant, a version of the classic “Hang Man.” She calls her game “Broken Heart.” First, […] Read More

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Stories on Board!, Ugly Dogs, Surprises, and Good Food

Friends: It was another eventful day. It started out with a meeting at Bissonet Plaza Elementary. The library media specialist, Ellen Miller, has been hiring me for eight years now to perform an annual residency with the students, grades PK-5. When I go to Bissonet, the students, teachers and staff are like family. It’s always […] Read More

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