Book Craft: Humpty Dumpty Egg-Splodes – Egg-ceptional Blown Egg Humpty

Humpty Dumpty Egg-Splodes – Blown Egg Humpty This is a great book by author and illustrator, Kevin O’Malley. Kevin has a wonderful sense of humor (in person and in books). The story begins with a man telling a story… Humpty Dumpty is ginormous and he’s on a rampage. This book is a uproarious romp through […] Read More

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Craft: Where the Wild Things Are Paper Bag Puppets

Where the Wild Things Are – Wild Things Paper Bag Puppets Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak was one of Soleil’s favorite books as a child. I read it over and over and over again. And then she read it over and over and over again until Mommy said, “Be still!” Materials: Paper […] Read More

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Sad News About Beloved Children’s Book Author & Advocate, Coleen Salley

Friends: I am deeply saddened to pass on the following news about Coleen Salley. This note comes from her son, David, whom I worked with for a brief period years ago. He was an attorney in downtown New Orleans. Dear All: We have finally gotten a diagnosis for Mom’s condition, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD). Unfortunately, I […] Read More

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Recipe: Ma Farmer’s Sweet Potato Pie (Wed. Sept. 10, 2008)

Friends: Today I had to do some delicious research on a new picture book I am working on with Marita Gentry (illustrator of The Cajun Cornbread Boy). The story is called Pulling Up the Sweet Potato. It is one of my most popular, frequently-requested stories. It is based on the Russian folktale, The Giant Turnip. […] Read More

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September 9-10, 2008

Friends: In these post-Gustav days, things are slowly getting back to “normal” in my area though today, tropical storm warnings and flash flood watches were issued for coastal Louisiana because of Hurricane Ike. Ike is headed to central Texas where people are under a mandatory evacuation. We have voluntary and mandatory evacuations in the lower-lying […] Read More

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Dianne’s New Books

Friends: Since I have been back in my office, things have been hopping! My website was hacked over the summer, causing numerous problems you won’t even believe. Thankfully, after a lot of work, Heidi, my fabulous web designer, got to the bottom of the problem and fixed things, including my blog. So now, I can […] Read More

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Meet the Next Big Children’s Book Author/Illustrator…

Friends: My 17 year old daughter, Soleil, had to do a children’s book project for English V Honors. The book is about a young girl named Holly Wood who is afraid of taking risks. She doesn’t like riding bikes, roller skating or swimming. The catchy chorus running throughout the book is preceded by a question: […] Read More

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Louisiana Story Fest Residency Day 8

Friends: It was another happy day at school. The morning began with the school on “lock down.” Third, fourth and fifth grade classes were engaged in interval testing to prepare them for their big standardized testing next month. Fortunately, my first class was second grade. What a delightful group of students. They listened so intently […] Read More

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