Witnessing American History: Barack Obama is 44th U.S. President – Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Friends: I traveled on Election Day so I early voted more than a week before the general election day. I had to be at the airport by 5am to travel to Boston, Massachusetts. I flew from New Orleans to Memphis, where I caught my connecting flight to Boston. In Memphis, I was able to catch […] Read More

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Organized and Energized! – Part 7 The Master Bedroom

ORGANIZED AND ENERGIZED! – PART 7 THE MASTER BEDROOM By Dianne de Las Casas The Master Bedroom The bedroom is the first and last place you see every day. It should be your space, a space you can relax in – watch the news before you snooze, listen to a favorite song, or read your […] Read More

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Organized and Energized! – Part 5 The Kids Room

Organized and Energized! – Part 5 The Kids Room By Dianne de Las Casas The Kid’s Room Because we are a society of consumerism, our children tend to have more “stuff” than we did as children. Not only do our children have toys, they also have TVs, DVD players, video games, handheld games, computers, stereos, […] Read More

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