Caldwell Middle School Residency Day 5 – Friday, January 11, 2013

 Friends:Friday, January 11, 2013 was day five and the final day of my residency at Caldwell Middle School through a grant administered by Story Tapestries and the Houma Regional Arts Council.It was such a fun day. All of the stories that the students wrote in their teams were shared in class. I gave out awards […] Read More

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Article: 10 Tips to Make Back-to-School Cool

10 TIPS TO MAKE BACK-TO-SCHOOL COOL By Dianne de Las Casas On Eliana’s first day of 4th grade, she dashed out the door like Hare but looked more like Tortoise with her backpack strapped to her back like a turtle’s shell. And so, the morning races have begun. Your family is probably no different from […] Read More

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Eliana’s Super Star Award 3-25-08

Friends: Eliana, my 7 year old, is such a sweet girl. She is constantly kissing me, hugging me, and telling me how much she loves me. She is also very helpful and will do anything I ask her to do right away. In addition, she often takes the initiative to do thoughtful things on her […] Read More

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