Meet the Next Big Children’s Book Author/Illustrator…

Friends: My 17 year old daughter, Soleil, had to do a children’s book project for English V Honors. The book is about a young girl named Holly Wood who is afraid of taking risks. She doesn’t like riding bikes, roller skating or swimming. The catchy chorus running throughout the book is preceded by a question: […] Read More

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Guam Day 2 – Wow!

Friends: The above picture is the morning view from my ocean front room at the Fiesta Resort Hotel. Wow! My day began with Cyndy Pruski picking me up (she’s with the Guam Reading Council) to head to Finegayan Elementary School in the northern part of Guam. Again, there was a warm welcome. The school made […] Read More

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Louisiana Story Fest Residency Day 4

Friends: Happy Valentine’s Day! This morning my family woke up and found that Cupid visited! A bevy of treats awaited them at the kitchen table, decorated with rose petals, red and pink candes. Eliana loves her pink poodle, “Lovey.” Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! I love showing the people I love and […] Read More

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Soleil, the Artist

Friends: Soleil, my 17 year old, is a senior in high school and applying for art school. Schools she is considering include Louisiana State University (in state but low on her priority list as she wants to move out of state), Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York (her #1 choice because she is in lust […] Read More

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