Dallas and Wichita Falls, Texas – May 22, 2012

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Friends: On May 22, 2012, I headed to Dallas, Texas. It was a two-part visit. I was staying with my friend, Shannon Spake, a high school friend and also visiting Ben Milam School in Wichita Falls. The first thing I did with Shannon and her son, Hayden, was eat at In-N-Out, which we do not […] Read More

Athens, TN School Visits – May 21, 2012

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Friends: I just LOVE doing school visits! I had the pleasure and honor of visiting two schools in Athens, Tennessee last month. The cool thing is that this is my second visit to these schools in two years! The first school I visited was Westside Elementary School. My host was school librarian, Beth Jackson. I […] Read More

The Smoky Mountains – May 20, 2012

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Friends: Right after the Knoxville Children’s Festival of Reading, I was whisked away to Athens, Tennessee by my friends, Beth and Bryan Jackson. Beth is the school librarian of Westside Elementary in Athens, where I had school visits on Monday. When I got to my room, there was such a wonderful surprise awaiting me on […] Read More

Knoxville Children’s Festival of Reading – May 19, 2012

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Friends: Last month, I was honored to be part of the esteemed Knoxville Children’s Festival of Reading. I flew to Knoxville straight from my daughter, Soleil’s college graduation. I was excited to see my friends, Dan Yaccarino and David Ezra Stein, who were both 2011 Picture Book Month Champions. In addition, I met the incredibly […] Read More

Soleil’s LSU Graduation – May 18, 2012

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Friends: It has been a long time since my last blog post due to my incredibly busy travel and book schedule. I do; however, keep up posts on my Facebook and Instagram. I am proud to say that my 21 year old daughter, Soleil, graduated with a BFA from Louisiana State University with honors. She […] Read More

Western Heights Elementary Author Visit – Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Friends: Yesterday, I had an author visit at Western Heights Elementary, a wonderful school in Westlake, Louisiana. Grace Guth, the librarian, was my hostess. Everyone at the school was incredibly nice. For my first show, I saw kindergarten through second grade. I told the stories of The Cajun Cornbread Boy, The House that Witchy Built, […] Read More

Texas Library Association Conference 2012 – April 17-20, 2012

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Friends: From Tuesday through Friday of last week, I was at the Texas Library Association conference in Houston. On the first night I was at TLA, they had an opening reception. I was there demonstrating stories from my forthcoming book, Handmade Tales 2, at the ABC-Clio Libraries Unlimited booth. This is me with a mouse […] Read More

Fun with Easter Crafts

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Friends: Today, Eliana and I decided to create a DIY Easter tablescape. First, I started very simply. I stacked cake plates and covered them with Easter grass. A ceramic bunny (my mom made when I was a child) went on top with plastic Easter eggs on the bottom plate. Cute! Then Eliana worked on her […] Read More

My Encounter with Hunger Games Author Suzanne Collins

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Friends: My 11 year old daughter and I saw The Hunger Games movie on opening day and loved it. I was a big fan of the book/trilogy long before it became a blockbuster movie. In honor of the books and the movie, here is a story about my fun encounter with Suzanne Collins, the author. […] Read More

Skype Author Visit with School in Canada – Friday, March 23, 2012

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Friends: I had the pleasure of a Skype Author Visit with David Hoy Elementary School in British Columbia, Canada. Librarian Marilyn Gammon arranged the visit. Yay, Ms. Gammon! It was a blast performing my book, Dinosaur Mardi Gras, for the students. They chomped and stomped and roared with me. What an awesome group of kids! […] Read More