Bissonet Plaza Holiday Spirit Winner – Clauserella

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Bissonet Plaza Elementary Holiday Spirit Winner
A Twisted Tale Based on Cinderella
By Tyler B., Madison T., Joshua B. In Ms. Guiterrez’s 5th Grade Morning Class
Once upon a snowflake, there lived a girl named Clauserella. Soon, there was going to be a winter formal but the thing was, her step elves would not let her go
They said, “no, you stay home and clean!”
So when the elves were on their way to the ball without her, Clauserella balled her eyes out. Then her snowflake fairy floated down and got her already for the ball. He said, “Now go. Remember that you have to be out of the castle by the fourth ring.”
Clauserella went to the ball and had fun. Then the snow bell rang for the fourth time. She ran out of the castle so fast that her red hat with a white pom-pom fell off.
A guy named Santa picked it up and said, “Wait! Where are you going? Come back!” He was so sad that he lost her.
So, Santa tried to find Clauserella. He looked for her everywhere. Finally, in the last place he looked, he found her. She was standing by the door under the mistletoe. He placed the fuzzy hat on her head and they kissed.
And they lived ho, ho, ho ever after. The End.