Bissonet Plaza 4th Grade Winner – Henny’s Pennies

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Bissonet Plaza Elementary 4th Grade Winner
Henny’s Pennies
A Twisted Tale Based on Henny Penny
By Odell C., Ashley M., Michael H., Roman Y. in Ms. Morrow’s 4th Grade Morning Class
One day in a kingdom, a king had lots of pennies. Henny Penny wanted all of the pennies. So the next day, she bought a dark costume for $5. She was a penny pincher!
When the king was asleep, Henny stole the pennies. When she picked up the jar, there was a “chinging” sound that woke up the king. Henny ran down the hall and jumped out of the window.
When the king saw that his pennies were gone, he called his guards. “My pennies! Someone stole my pennies! Please go find them!” said the king.
His guards were Foxy Loxy and the gingerbread man. “We will find your stolen pennies, sir,” said Foxy Loxy. Foxy Loxy and the gingerbread man found a rope by the window as well as three feathers.
The gingerbread man said, “The only person in the kingdom with feathers is Henny Penny!”
When they walked out the door, they saw Henny Penny buying jewelry. “Halt! Halt!” cried Foxy Loxy.
The gingerbread man hopped onto Foxy Loxy. They ran up to Henny Penny and the gingerbread man threw an icing chain and caught her. They took Henny Penny to the king and she was put in jail.
The gingerbread man said, “We make a great team, Foxy Loxy!”
“Well,” said Foxy Loxy, “You’ll make a great dessert, Gingerbread Man.”
“Aaaaah! Help me!” screamed the gingerbread man.
The king was happy to have his pennies back and Foxy Loxy was happy to eat the gingerbread man. “Gulp. What a great dessert!” said Foxy Loxy as he licked his lips.
The End