Bissonet Plaza 3rd Grade Winner – The Snake and the Frog

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Bissonet Plaza Elementary 3rd Grade Winner
The Snake and The Frog
A Twisted Tale Based on The Lion and The Mouse
By Mohammed M., Mick S, Dominik R., Oscar K., Corrina M., Nylar B. In Ms. Lambert’s 3rd Grade Afternoon Class
One day, the snake was sleeping by the pond. The frog jumped out of the pond. Water splashed on the snake. The snake woke up and caught the frog.
The frog cried, “Let me go!”
The snake asked, “Why should I let you go?”
The frog answered, “What if you need my help? I could help you. If you eat me, I’d be dead.”
The snake said, “That will never happen, but I will show you mercy.”
So the snake let the frog go and returned home.
The next day, a scientist captured the snake in a box and took him to his lab. The frog followed and then jumped on the scientist’s face. The scientist hit the table. The box fell off the table and the snake escaped.
The snake was grateful to the frog and they became friends.
The End