The Mississippi Hushpuppy Plan by Randy Johnson – Winner of 4th Grade Writing Contest, Shannon Elementary

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The Mississippi Hushpuppy Plan
by Randy Johnson
4th Grade, Shannon Elementary School

It was the night before the big Fourth of July picnic. Nothing was stirring, not even a Hush-Hush Puppy. The sizzling, smelly thoughts of being eaten the next day were too much for the little Hush-Hush Puppy’s crummy little imagination. He said to himself, “Why? Oh, why must a Mississippi hushpuppy fry?”

As he looked at the fear in his parents’ faces, he knew it wouldn’t be long. Tears ran down his round cheeks as cries of sorrow rang out of his mouth. Hush-Hush Puppy’ds father looked at him with fear in his eyes, but with comfort in his voice, he said, “Hush, Hush-Hush Puppy.”

Hush-Hush Puppy looked around in the refrigerator. He was elated to see his friend, French-Fry, who said, “What’s up, Hush-Hush Puppy?”

Hush-Hush Puppy replied, “Hello, French-Fry. Have you seen Cole-Slaw?”

French-Fry answered, “Yeah, man. I saw him over at Catfish’s house.”

Since Catfish was not around, Hush Puppy and French-Fry decided to practice their French lessons. They said, “We may be Southerners, but we are educated and cultured Southerners.”

Joining in the fun, Tartar Sauce ran up to us and asked, “Do you have any Grey Poupon?”

French-Fry replied, “Bonjour, Monsieur Tartar Sauce.”
So, just for that moment, they forgot it was only hours away from all of them being eaten. But as the hours drew near, everyone in the fridge began to tremble with fear. They gathered together in one big, terrified circle.

Then Hush-Hush Puppy got an idea.

He explained, “In the house there are five kids and they all bought firecrackers for the Fourth of July. If we are lucky, when they run through the kitchen, they might drop a couple.”

The next day that’s just what happened. The kids dropped a few of their firecrackers right in front of the refrigerator. As the grumpy old mama living there opened the fridge, Hush-Hush Puppy saw his chance for an exit.

Sure enough, the mom didn’t see Hush-Hush Puppy escape. Hush-Hush Puppy jumped out and grabbed the firecrackers. They were the big sky rockets with the army men that parachuted into the sky right before the rocket exploded.

Grabbing a rocket parachute, Hush-Hush Puppy instructed all his friends in the fridge, “First, we all must run to the stove. Then, climb up the stove, because the window next to the stove is open.”

Hush-hush Puppy did it! He flew out of the window, with a trail of sparks following behind as he yelled, “Hush, hush. Hush yo’ mouth. I’m the fastest hushpuppy in the South.”

But just then, the grumpy mom turned around and grabbed all of Hush-Hush Puppy’s friends and family, leaving the poor hushpuppy all alone in his flight.

Hush-hush Puppy was sad. But about that time, the plastic army man parachuted out of the window beside Hush-Hush Puppy. He jumped on the plastic soldier’s shoulders, as the rocket explosion carried him safely to the ground.

It seemed like the story was over, with a sad ending. It was not! Now it was time to rescue his refrigerator friends before the big holiday fish fry.

Hush-Hush Puppy looked up at the big window in the sky and shouted, “To be continued!”

Note from Dianne: I visited Shannon Elementary in April and students in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades participated in a writing contest creating stories inspired by my book, The Cajun Cornbread Boy. This is the 3rd-grade winner. Congratulations, Randy! You rock!