Bissonet Plaza Elementary Residency – The Lost Key by Jamie, Curtis & Reid, Ms. McLeod’s Fifth Grade


The Lost Key
By Jamie, Curtis, and Reid
Ms. McLeod’s fifth grade

Once upon a time, there was a T-Rex and a crawfish. They planned to make groceries at eight in the morning. When they woke up and put on some fresh clothes, T-Rex put the key in his pocket. The key fell out.

T Rex and Crawfish finally got to Winn-Dixie to make groceries. 10 minutes later, they got back to the hotel. Crawfish said, “Where is the key?”

T Rex answered, “I gave it to you.”

After five minutes of arguing, they peeked under the door. “There it is!” said Crawfish.

And they didn’t have to buy a new key.

The End