Bissonet Plaza Elementary Residency – Santa’s Magical Beans by Holly

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Santa’s Magic Beans
By Holly
Ms. McLeod’s class

Once upon a time, there was a penguin named Angel. She lived in the North Pole and she worked for Santa. Then one day, she met a rhinoceros named Jade. Jade was too heavy and fell in the ice.

Santa came out of his workshop and said, “Ho ho ho! What is going on here?!”

He saw Jade freezing in the water. Angel dove in to save Jade, who then froze into an ice cube! Oh no! Angel was near an iceberg, and believe it or not, saw the century-old Titanic! When Angel saved Jade, Santa awarded her heroic bravery with one bag of magic beans.

The next morning Jade and Angel built into the beans and were immediately transported to China. All the villagers were dumbfounded! They presented Angel and Jade with gifts for they had never seen these animals before.

And so, they were both happy.

The End