Bissonet Plaza Elementary 2012 Residency Day 1 – Wednesday, December 6, 2012

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Today was the first day of my annual artist residency visit to Bissonnet Plaza Elementary school. I will be at the school for five days, teaching the steps of writing to third through fifth grades, and sharing stories and a craft with the lower grades.

My first visit was to Ms. Morrow’s fourth grade class. I was with them for an hour and a half and we accomplished a lot. Using my story, The Little “Read” Hen, the students learned all of the steps of writing: brain storming, researching, outlining, drafting, editing, and proofing




My second class was Ms. Presser’s second grade class. I had a ball with the students, sharing my stories of Beware, Beware of the Big Bad Bear and Dinosaur Mardi Gras. After the second story, all the students created a T-Rex Dinosaur Mardi Gras mask. They turned out so cute!




After lunch, I continued my day returning back to Ms. Morrow’s classroom. This time, I had a different group of kids. Again, I shared my story of The Little “Read” Hen. I had the students play a fun story prompt game. They chose cards from a bag that contained two animal characters and a situation. Working in groups, they had to create a story from those characters and situations. The stories came out so good!


In fact, in a separate blog post, I am going to share one of the stories from this class.




Next, it was off to Mr. Boone’s third grade class. I only had one hour with the third graders but I was able to accomplish a lot, teaching them all the steps of writing. Near the end of class, we brainstormed a class story, which Mr. Boone will work on finishing with the students. It was a cute parody of “Little Red Riding Hood,” called “Little Red Riding Cat.”




My final class was Ms. Arnett’s second grade class. We had so much fun, giggling and laughing. But we also had a great time with stories from my new books, and the craft activity of making the T-Rex Dinosaur Mardi Gras mask! The students were adorable!




I look forward to the rest of my time with the amazing students and teachers of Bissonnet Plaza Elementary. I just love coming to the school. Thank you very much to Ellen Miller, the school librarian, who wrote the grant to bring me to the school.


Until next time…


Warmly, Dianne