Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour – June 5, 2012

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My dear friend, Bryan and Beth Jackson, came in from Athens, Tennessee. Their daughter, Amy, goes to Tulane so they try to visit as often as they can. I suggested that we all go on a swamp airboat tour. Eliana and I had never been on an airboat so I thought it would be fun.


We all got our protective ear gear ready for the ride.


Straight away, our guide, Capt. Lil Lou, A fun-loving, fearless bayou boy took us to the action. It was Gatorville!


They swam up to the airboat in groups, lured by, of all things, marshmallows! Then Capt. Lil Lou banked the boat and began feeding the gators raw chicken.


These gators were up close and personal. They were anywhere from 5-7 feet in length.


Of course, the gators aren’t the swamp’s only attraction. There are water moccasins, nutria rats, badgers, armadillos, possum, and tons of aquatic life. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any turtles. The flora and fauna of the swamp was gorgeous.


Cypress and live oak trees dripped with layers of Spanish moss. There were hibiscus (not native) and water lilies. Capt. Lil Lou even took us to the area that inspired the swamp scenes in the Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog.


It was as hot as hades in the middle of the swamp and marshlands. But it was also very picturesque. I was in awe of the bayou.


If you ever get a chance, take an airboat tour through the swamps, bayous, and marshes of Louisiana. It’s an awe-inspiring experience.


See ya later, alligator! Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne