Bissonet Plaza Elementary A is for Alligator Draw & Tell Residency Day 2 – December 6, 2011

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12-6-11 Ms. Hadley's 1st grade class works on W is for Whale


Today was my second day at Bissonet Plaza Elementary School in Metairie, Louisiana. My first class was my first “repeat.” I went to Ms. Whiteman’s Kindergarten class and they worked on their “P is for Penguin” for their book. I can’t wait to see how these books turns out!!

12-6-11 P is for Penguin in Ms. Whiteman's Kindergarten class

My second class was Ms. Fury’s third grade class. Their letter was “V is for Vulture.” First, I taught them how to draw the vulture. Then they began writing their stories. It was fun to see their stories come to life.

12-6-11 V is for Vulture in Ms. Fury's 3rd grade class

My next stop was Ms. Anchissi’s Kindergarten class. They had “J is for Jackrabbit.” I drew and told the story. Afterwards, I taught them how to draw the jackrabbit. We did it twice to practice. Then they colored their jazzy jackrabbits.

12-6-11 J is for Jackrabbit in Ms. Anchissi's Kindergarten class

After Kindergarten, I skidoodled over to Ms. Arnett’s second grade class. They did “D is for Dalmatian Dog.” Not only did their dogs come out uber cute, but their stories were equally engaging. They had some amazing stories in this second grade class!

12-6-11 D is for Dalmatian Dog in Ms. Arnett's 2nd grade class

After lunch, I went to Ms. Hadley’s first grade class. The students learned how to do “W is for Whale.” The funny thing is that their class was studying the “wh” sound and had “wh” vocabulary words. My story map with “who,” “where,” “when,” “what,” and “why” fit in perfectly! Ms. Hadley was “wholly” excited and “whooping” it up with joy. This class had a “whale of a tale!”

12-6-11 W is for Whale in Ms. Hadley's class

My final class of the day was Ms. Brumfield’s fifth grade class. They had “F is for Frog” and had fun drawing the frog. The last class of the day is always a shorter period so they began work on their stories but didn’t complete a rough draft. I look forward to hearing their stories!

12-6-11 F is for Frog in Ms. Brumfield's 5th grade class

It’s going to be a great day tomorrow and I LOVE how the stories are coming out. These students are going to create some fantastic books!

Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne