Bissonet Plaza Elementary A is for Alligator Draw and Tell Residency Day 3 – December 7, 2011

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12-7-11 Students in Ms. Penton's Kindergarten class work on T is for Turtle


Today was Day 3 of my Bissonet Plaza Elementary A is for Alligator draw and tell residency in which the kids are going to be published authors through a program called Student Treasures. My first class was Ms. Presser’s second grade class. It was my second visit with them and they had to work on finalizing their illustrations and stories for “K is for Kangaroo.” I love the illustration below- look at the detail work! There is a ceiling fan with light bulbs! Fantastic job, students!

12-7-11 A student finalizes K is for Kangaroo for Ms. Presser's 2nd grade book

My second class of the day was Ms. Frechette’s third grade class. Working with Ms. Frechette is like working with sunshine. She is always cheery and happy to see me. 🙂 Her students did “O is for Owl” and I loved their illustrations and stories!

12-7-11 O is for Owl in Ms. Frechette's 3rd grade class

My third class was Ms. Penton’s kindergarten class. These little sweet peas did a terrific job on “T is for Turtle!” I was so impressed by their drawing skills and ability to sequence. Yay!

12-7-11 T is for Turtle in Ms. Penton's Kindergarten class

My next class was Ms. Chieffo’s second grade class. As soon as I walked in the door, the class simultaneously erupted into cheers and clapping. How sweet! They worked on “I is for Iguana” and did an “INCREDIBLE” job with their illustrations and stories! I loved how the Iguanas came out!

12-7-11 I is for Iguana in Ms. Chieffo's 2nd grade class

After lunch, it was on to Ms. Tongui’s first grade class. The whole class began cheeering, “She’s here! She’s here!” What a reception. I loved doing “E is for Elephant” with these first graders. They were so awestruck by how the letter “E” turned into an animal. They drew “EXTRAORDINARY” elephants and wrote descriptive sentences.

12-7-11 E is for Elephant in Ms. Tongui's 1st grade class

In Ms. Dagnault’s fifth grade class, the students were ready to work. They learned “M is for Monkey” and didn’t guess the monkey until the very end of the drawing. It was so cool! There were some marvelously imaginative students in this class!

12-7-11 M is for Monkey in Ms. Dagnault's 5th grade class

Thursday is going to be another great day filled with magical moments, I am sure. I just love visiting Bissonet Plaza Elementary!

Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne