Kid Chef Eliana appears on WWL-TV Morning News – Friday, July 22, 2011

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7-22-11 Kid Chef Eliana in the WWL-TV Studio Kitchen


Kid Chef Eliana appeared on WWL-TV Morning News with Sally-Ann Roberts and Eric Paulsen. You can view the video segment of her appearance here.

We arrived at the studio at 5:30am and prepared for the 3 hour show. Eliana had to cook the entire time and feed a crew of 20 people. She made Scotch eggs (hard-boiled eggs encased in homemade turkey sausage, rolled in bread crumbs and baked), garlic cumin potatoes, devil’s food monster muffins, and sparkling pomegranate punch. Everyone loved her food!

The crew, both on and off-camera, were so impressed with Eliana. Sally-Ann Roberts and Eric Paulsen were so sweet to Eliana. Sally-Ann said that Eliana needed her own TV show. Eric tweeted, “You are going to be a rock star in the culinary world!”

Thank you to Liz Williams of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum for appearing on the show with Eliana. Thank you to Producer Dionne Butler for inviting Eliana. Thank you to the camera crew for directing Eliana and being so nice. Finally, thank you to Sally-Ann and Eric for being amazing and sweet to Kid Chef Eliana!

7-22-11 Kid Chef Eliana with Sally-Ann Roberts and Eric Paulsen at WWL-TV

It was a fabulous experience for both of us!

Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne