South Carolina Association of School Librarians Conference – March 10-11, 2011

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3-9-11 SCASL 2011 Welcome basket in my room


I’ve had some technical difficulties with my photos from my new camera so I only have a few shots on this blog from my iPhone. Last week, on Thursday and Friday, March 10 and 11, 2011, I was a featured author and speaker at the SCASL (South Carolina Association of School Librarians) conference. I was picked up at the airport by Drucie Gullion and Angie Bardin. They were so sweet and so much fun! When I arrived at my room, a welcome basket was waiting. Very classy!

On my first day of the conference, my first workshop was “Story Safari,” a workshop about the basics of storytelling. It was hilariously fun, especially the storytelling exercise in which groups had to act out animals in dire situations such as the one below.

3-10-11 Story Safari workshop participants acting out three animals stuck inside a boat adrift at sea

At the SCASL Awards luncheon, I was amazed by the incredibly gorgeous “vases” in the middle of the tables. They were vases made out of books that were handcut to look like vases! WOW!

3-10-11 Gorgeous handmade book vase centerpiece

After taking an amazing workshop on “Handmade Books” by Susan Gaylord, it was time to sign autographs. My friend, the amazing Kitt (“Kee-yit”) Lisenby, was at the head of the line. She is such a wonderful person!

3-10-11 Dianne's autograph line

My second workshop of the day was my “Tangram Tales” workshop. I taught the workshop participants how to create Tangram sets without a pattern, how to manipulate the geometric shapes to create pictures, and how to perform a “Tangram Story Theater.” They even invented new Tangrams!

3-10-11 Gorgeous handmade book vase centerpiece

On Day 2 of the conference, I delivered a talk at the Author’s Award Luncheon on how important libraries have been in my life and ended with the story of “The King’s Advisor,” from Handmade Tales. The talented author and illustrator, Joe Kulka, was awarded the Picture Book of the Year award. What a great guy!

3-11-11 The audience at the SCASL 2011 Author Awards Luncheon

I connected with old friends (Thanks Kitt, Jed & Kristen!), made new friends (Drucie, Angie, Susan, Joe, and so many others), and had a fantastic time. Thank you SCASL for honoring me with a return visit!

Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne