Carnival Cruise Day 3 – Towel Animals – Monday, November 22, 2010

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11-20-10 Towel Animal #1 - Puppy dog with long ears


Since Day 3 was a mostly uneventful day at sea and I didn’t take any pictures, I thought I would share a summary of the week’s towel animals in my stateroom. As you can see from above, Day 1 was a puppy dog. Day 2 was a Brontosaurus dinosaur. My steward had to tell me that because I had a hard time figuring it out!

11-21-10 Towel Animal #2 - Brontosaurus dinosaur

On Day 3, I returned to my room to find an adorable elephant! I love how, Maynor, our steward, used the sunglasses to make him “cool.”

11-22-10 Towel Animal #3 - Elephant

Day 4 was a cat lying down. Again, I had to ask Maynor to decipher the animal for me. I thought it was a girl with pigtails lying down! Maybe if it had whiskers…

11-23-10 Towel Animal #4 - Cat lying down

Day 5 was my favorite animal of all – the frog! Yes, it was clearly a frog!!

11-24-10 Towel Animal #5 - Frog!

Day 6 was a pig sitting down. Antonio figured this one out. LOL

11-25-10 Towel Animal #6 - Pig

Day 7 was also super cute! I love the bunny lounging on the pillow!

11-26-10 Towel Animal #7 - Bunny

Our bonus animal was a seal with a chocolate on each fin. Awwww.

11-26-10 Towel Animal #8 - Seal

I took a towel folding class on board the ship on my last sea day and bought a book! You can be sure that towel animals will make their way into my Handmade Tales 2 book!! Stay tuned…

Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne