Bissonet Plaza Elementary Twisted Tales Residency Day 6 – Monday, December 13, 2010

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12-13-10 Dianne tells Madame Poulet and Monsieur Roach to Ms. Johnson's kindergarten class


Today was the sixth day of my ten-day Twisted Tales residency at Bissonet Plaza Elementary in Metairie, Louisiana. My day began in Ms. Naugle’s 4th grade class. The students worked hard on writing their fractured fairytales. “Little Red Riding Hood” was the assigned original tale and it was fractured many ways by different groups in the class: “Code Red,” with Little Red Riding Hood as a spy, “Little Red Riding,” with Little Red driving a red corvette, and “Petite Rouge” with Little Red in the bayou meeting a grinning gator.

12-13-10 Ms. Naugle's 4th graders work on their fractured fairy tale, Little Red Riding

Next, it was on to Ms. Fury’s 3rd grade class. The students worked in their groups perfecting their fractured fairytales. Their assigned story was “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” There were many creative stories including “Who Dats Crossing My Bridge?” and “The Three Little Pelicans.”

12-13-10 Ms. Fury's 3rd graders collaborate on their fractured fairytale

My third class was Ms. Johnson’s Kindergarten class. The students absolutely LOVED the story of Madame Poulet and Monsieur Roach (Mrs. Chicken and Mr. Roach). After the story, the class made story shakers with Madame Poulet on one side and Monsieur Roach on the other side.

12-13-10 A student in Ms. Johnson's Kindergarten class shows his colored story shaker template

My fourth class was Ms. Leblanc’s second grade class. Ms. Easley, the acting principal, came by to observe and watched the story of Madame Poulet and Monsieur Roach come to life with the help of the students. It was so much fun.

12-13-10 Madame Poulet approaches Monsieur Roach in Ms. Leblanc's second grade class

After participating in the story, the students worked on their creative story shakers. Too soon after, it was time for lunch! How time flies when you’re having tons of fun!

12-13-10 Ms. Leblanc's second grade students show their shakers

During lunch, Cajun Cornbread Boy and I had a Skype visit with a Kindergarten class in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who wanted to know all about The Cajun Cornbread Boy book. Ms. Naugle, 4th grade teacher, was kind enough to allow me to Skype in her room with her students. It was a blast. The Kindergarten class showed me the puppets they made to act out the story, asked me a few questions, and even sang the refrain for me: “Run, cher, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me. I’m full of cayenne.” Ms. Heistand, their teacher, told me that they loved reading The Cajun Cornbread Boy! Yay! They told Ms. Naugle’s class that it snowed flurries that morning. It was a fantastic experience. Thank you, Ms. Heistand’s class!

12-13-10 Dianne de Las Casas Skypes with a Kindergarten class in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A special thank to Ms. Naugle for allowing me to Skype in her room with her students present. Ms. Naugle even Tweeted about it!

12-13-10 A student in Ms. Naugle's 4th grade class holds Cajun Cornbread Boy next to Ms. Naugle's Tweet

After lunch, it was off to Ms. Hadley’s first grade class. I told the story of Madame Poulet and Monsieur Roach to a very enthusiastic response. Over the weekend, Ms. Hadley even bought my book, The Gigantic Sweet Potato!

12-13-10 Madame Poulet and Monsieur Roach in Ms. Hadley's first grade class

After the story, they made their story shakers and they danced all over the room with them! They LOVED shaking their homemade maracas!

12-13-10 Ms. Hadley's first graders hold up their Madame Poulet and Monsieur Roach story shakers

My last class was Ms. Brumfield’s 5th grade class. The class was assigned the story, “Sleeping Beauty” to fracture. They had such clever stories: “Sleeping Ugly,” “Snoring Beauty,” and “Weeping Beauty.” I look forward to seeing them finished! Ms. Brumfield had to leave early and all the groups worked so nicely. I was so impressed with their cooperation and collaboration with each other!

12-13-10 Ms. Brumfield's 5th graders work on their fractured fairytale, Sleeping Ugly

It was a great day and I look forward to two more days in the classrooms. Days 9 and 10 will be spent with all the grades during their P.E. periods.

Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne