Bissonet Plaza Elementary Twisted Tales 4th Grade Winner: Little Red Riding

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Little Red Riding

The Winner for the Twisted Tales fractured fairytale writing contest was a team from Ms. Naugle’s 4th grade class. The story is based on the original tale of “Little Red Riding Hood.” The winner was chosen by the fourth grade students.

Little Red Riding
By Evelyn, Angelique, Connor, Chad, Lajosh & Timmy
Ms. Naugle – 4th Grade

Long, long ago in the dark woods, there was a little girl. She was called Little Red Riding because she had a hot red Corvette.

One day, with cookies in the front seat of her red Corvette, she started cruising to her aunt’s house. Then her car broke down.

Hiding behind the trees was a Big Bad Wolf. He jumped out, in a mechanic’s suit, and said, “I can fix your car.”

Little Red Riding said, “That’s great because I’m on my way to my aunt’s house to deliver these delicious, homemade cookies.”

So the wolf didn’t fix the car all the way. The big bad wolf laughed and said, “Muhahahaha! Now I’m going to Little Red Riding’s aunt’s house.”

On the way to her aunt’s house, Little Red Riding’s Corvette started smoking. BOOM! An explosion came from the engine. Little Red Riding said, “Oh no! I have to walk!”

Meanwhile, the wolf drove ahead in his black and gold Lamborghini to Little Red Riding’s aunt’s house. He tricked his way in, gobbled her up, and put on her aunt’s clothes.

Little Red Riding found a bike and began riding to her aunt’s house. When she arrived, she said, “Hello? Is anybody home?”

Then the big bad wolf, disguised as her aunt, came out and said in a deep voice, “Come in.”

Little Red Riding asked, “Why are you talking like that?” Little Red Riding started backing out of the house.

The big bad wolf turned and said, “Give me the cookies!”

Little Red Riding was about to cry and said, “Where is my aunt and what did you do with her?”

The wolf heard a noise. It was the uncle driving the red Corvette. Little Red Riding said, “In 5, 4, 3, 2…” Then the Corvette crashed into house, BAM!, crushing the wolf.

Little Red Riding and her uncle rescued her aunt from the wolf’s tummy and celebrated with big basket of cookies and milk. And Little Red Riding inherited a brand new black and gold Lamborghini!

The End.