Article: 5 Tips on How to Use Your Facebook Fan Page Effectively; August 28, 2009

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Dianne de Las Casas with Fans

Dianne de Las Casas with Fans

5 Tips on How to Use Your Facebook Fan Page Effectively
By Dianne de Las Casas

If you are a business or a celebrity (author, artist, musician, or performing artist), you can open a “Fan Page” on Facebook. According to Facebook, a fan page can be used to “create a presence that looks and behaves like user profiles to connect and engage with your customers and amplify your voice to their friends.” In other words, it’s a professional way to connect with your customers or audience, and send your message.

Once you have established your fan page, here are some tips to help you use your fan page effectively.

1. Grow Your Fans and Interact – Invite your existing friends from your personal profile to become fans. Ask them to spread the word by telling their friends about your fan page. If you are on Twitter, tweet about your page and ask people to join. You can also put a “fan box” on your personal Facebook profile advertising your fan page. Encourage fans to post to your page, creating interaction. Answer fans’ posts to show you care and that you want to stay connected.

2. Claim Your Name – When you reach 100 fans, you can “claim your name.” Instead of a bunch of numbers and letters appearing in the URL, you will have a dedicated URL like this: You can claim your name here

3. Post Items – Post items on your wall that are related to your business. You can feed your business’ blog into the page, upload pictures and videos, and show customer testimonials. You can also use the events calendar to post upcoming events for your business.

4. Send Updates – Send out regular updates, letting your fans know what is new on the page. Be careful not to overwhelm people with too many updates – this can be quite annoying. I send out a once a week updates, on Fridays, letting my fans know what is new on my page and reminding them to participate.

5. Utilize Feeds – Link your fan page to your friend feed. Whenever you post something new, it will feed into your fans’ friend feed. You can also link the fan page to your Twitter account. Any time you post something new or add an event, it is automatically tweeted on your account.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is a great way to connect with your customers and fan base. It allows your fans to have a more personal connection with you, which allows your brand to grow.

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