Summer Reading Travels – Vernon Parish, Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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7-1-09 How Loose in Your Goose? First Show at Vernon Parish Library

7-1-09 How Loose in Your Goose? First Show at Vernon Parish Library


It has been quite the day. My Internet connection is almost non-existent but I will try to upload as many pictures as I am able.

Today, we performed at Vernon Parish Library in Leesville, Louisiana. My first show was at 9:15am and the second show was at 10:15am. The audience was fantastic. I had a blast with them. Vernon Parish has the sweetest patrons ever too – so friendly and complimentary.

Thank you, Brenda Johnson, for inviting me! Eliana, Ashlynn and I enjoyed being at your library so much. The girls didn’t want to leave! I enjoyed visiting with you and seeing the wonderful collectibles and memorabilia in the children’s room!

Upon Brenda’s recommendation, we ate at a Chinese restaurant (authentic too!) called Teriyaki Wok. The food was great and our server taught the girls some Chinese.

7-1-09 Eliana & Ashlynn's lunch at the Teriyaki Wok in Leesville

7-1-09 Eliana & Ashlynn's lunch at the Teriyaki Wok in Leesville

After lunch, we began the trek back to South Louisiana. We have a show at the Morgan City Public Library on Thursday, July 2, 2009 at 2pm. Here’s where the day began to deteriorate…

Just outside Lafayette, on Highway 90 East, my car lost power in the middle of rush hour traffic. I was in the left lane. Imagine, a million cars behind me! So I put the car in neutral and pushed it, by myself, into the neutral ground. The girls were still in the car. Luckily, a kind fellow motorist pulled over and gave me a jump. He was a sweet man and I thanked him for his help by giving him an autographed copy of The Cajun Cornbread Boy for his children. I thought I had enough juice to keep going. I unplugged everything, turned off the air, and we sweated as the car sailed down the highway.

Then it happened again – this time in New Iberia. The car lost power and slowed to a stop. I pulled over on the shoulder this time, just before Exit 128A leading to Abbeville. It was 96 degrees outside at 5:30 in the afternoon. Thank goodness I had snacks, water, and other drinks for the girls.

I called AAA and they assured me I was a priority pick-up. It was so hot, I started to feel sick. The girls were flush and sweating profusely. Eliana couldn’t “hold it” any longer and had to relieve herself in the tall grass next to the car. Poor baby. We finally got out of the car (it was like an oven in there) and stood outside the car (with the hood up), waiting for AAA. I held an umbrella over the girls’ heads. A police car whizzed by without slowing.

Again, another angel motorist to the rescue. A woman named Mitzie pulled over and offered for us to sit in her air-conditioned car while we waited for AAA. She was so sweet to the girls. I gave her my car and she promised to email me. I hope she does! I wanted to give her a book too but the tow truck had arrived and began hooking up the car so it was too late. We thanked Mitzie (Eliana and Ashlynn loved her) and got into the humongous tow truck.

7-1-09 Eliana gets into the tow truck, squinting in the bright sun

7-1-09 Eliana gets into the tow truck, squinting in the bright sun

It was quite an adventure! We had never been in a big truck before and the girls and I had to climb three steps to get in! The tow truck took us to our hotel in Patterson (just outside Morgan City) and dropped off my car there too. In the morning, I will have to get it towed home to our auto shop. It has a brand new battery and alternator and the tow service guy said he thought it was faulty. With my premium membership, I also get a rental car. Thank goodness my show is at 2pm.

Throughout this ordeal, Eliana and Ashlynn never complained! It was a great safari for them. You girls are so awesome! Such troopers!

Though my day was less than stellar, I have to remember all the good things that happened – 2 motorists stopped to help; the breakdown happened on a populated highway and not on a two lane country road (which we traveled earlier today); the tow company was friendly and accommodating; we arrived safe and sound at our hotel. Tomorrow is a new day and everything will work out!

Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne