Hannukah Activity: Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

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Pencil Dreidel - 12-7-08

Pencil Dreidel - 12-7-08

Hannukah Activity: Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel
Make a dreidel and play the game. If you are working with a class, divide the students into groups for best group management. A dreidel is a toy and a game that is played during Hanukkah.It is played by children and adults and can have two to many players.The dreidel is a spinning top and can be made of many different types of material including wood, clay, plastic and paper. The top is decorated with symbols. Each player spins and tries to win the objects in the pot. The letters on the dreidel, Nun, Gimmel, Hey and Shin, stand for “Nes Gadol Haya Sham,” which means “A Great Miracle Happened There.”

Each player must start off with an equal amount of goodies (pennies, hard candy, beans, pasta, toothpicks, use your imagination). Each player puts an object in the pot (the middle) at the beginning of each round. Player 1 spins the dreidel. Every time the pot is empty or has only one game piece left, every player should put one object into the pot. When the dreidel stops, the symbol it lands on lets you know what to do next. Whoever ends up with all of the goodies at end of the game is the winner.

Gimel – player takes all of the pot
Nun – player gets nothing
Hey – player takes half of the po
Shin – player puts one object into the pot

3″ paper square

Fold the square in half, diagonally, pressing on the crease. Unfold it and do the same with the other side. Inside each corner, draw each one of the dreidel symbols. Here is a link to the dreidel symbols Dreidel symbols Cut a small slit in the middle and slide a pencil through the paper. The symbols should be facing up and the point of the pencil should be facing down. A piece of tape may be needed to secure the paper to the pencil. The pencil is then spun on its point. The symbol facing the player is the one used for that player