Craft: Turkey Wooden Spoon Puppet; Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Eliana & Turkey Wooden Spoon Puppet 11-12-08

Eliana & Turkey Wooden Spoon Puppet 11-12-08

Turkey Wooden Spoon Puppet
Large wooden spoon
Construction paper (for feathers, beak and wattle)
Glue gun
Large googly eyes

Color the flat side of a large wooden spoon with a brown marker. Color slightly down the handle for the turkey’s neck. On four different colored sheets of construction paper (yellow, orange, red, brown, cream, green… fall colors), trace a child’s hand. Cut out each hand and layer them on top of each other, creating feathers. Staple them together. Glue the feather to the wooden spoon (should be glued to the curved side of the spoon). Glue two googly eyes on the flat side of the wooden spoon. Underneath the eyes, glue an orange construction paper triangle for the beak. Beneath that, glue a red construction paper wattle. Cut a small 1/2 inch strip of yellow construction paper to create a collar (this will separate the turkey’s neck from the rest of the wooden handle of the spoon). Done! Now you have a simple Gobbler puppet that can be used for Thanksgivings to come. You can even have the children make their own turkeys and stick them in Styrofoam, in a vase or bowl, creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Gobble! Gobble!

Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne