Craft: Making a Glove Puppet; Sunday, November 16, 2008

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The Three Litle Pigs Glove Puppet - 11-16-08

The Three Litle Pigs Glove Puppet - 11-16-08

Glove Puppets I love making a series of puppets out of a glove. Glove puppets work well with the telling of a classic tale such as “The Three Little Pigs.” Each of the fingers becomes a character – the mama pig, the three little pigs, and of course, the big bad wolf. In the glove puppet above, made with a stretchy men’s work glove, the pinky finger features the Mama Pig with an apron, the ring finger features the first pig with his straw, the middle finger is the second pig with his sticks, the index finger is the third pig with his bricks, and the thumb becomes the Big Bad Wolf complete with a dinner napkin, fork and knife.

“Cinderella” can also be depicted with a glove puppet – the evil stepmother, the two stepsisters, Cinderella, and the handsome prince. Glove puppets work well with younger children. You can even have the children get “hands-on” and create glove puppets of their own. Have a ton of fun!

Happy Tales to You! Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne