Book Craft: Library Mouse – Tissue Paper Roll Mouse & Book

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Library Mouse Craft and Book

Library Mouse Craft and Book

Library Mouse – Tissue Paper Roll Mouse & Book
Library Mouse written and illustrated by Daniel Kirk is a fantastic book about reading and writing. Sam, a mouse who lives in the library, loves to read. He is so inspired by books that he decides to write one and sneak it into the library collection. Soon, all the children are buzzing about Sam, the new author. They ask to meet him and in a clever twist, Sam surprises them all and inspires many more authors. In this craft, you will make the tissue paper roll mouse and a small book.

Tissue paper roll
Construction Paper
Chenille Sticks (pink and white)

To make the mouse, from construction paper, cut out a tail, two ears, and two eyes. Pinch one end of the tissue paper roll shut, inserting the tail in the middle. Staple it shut. Wrap the tail around a pen or pencil to create a curl. Pinch the opposite end of the tissue paper roll in the opposite direction (it will look like a triangle). Glue ears at the top and an eye on each side. Cut a small piece of pink chenille and ball it up into a nose, leaving an end sticking out to insert into the tissue paper roll. Cut two small white pieces of chenille stick and fold it in half, creating whiskers. Glue on each side of the nose. Your mouse is ready and will look like this.

Library Mouse Up Close

Library Mouse Up Close

To create the book, cut four equal sizes of white construction paper (the inside of the book). Create a front and back cover in a different color. Staple the book on one side. Voila! Now you have Sam the Mouse and a book of your own to write in! Happy Tales to You!

Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne