Weekend Work & Play; Sunday, April 6, 2008

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They say that “All work and no play makes Dianne a dull girl.” So Dianne took some time out to have a little fun. I went to a Hornets basketball game with Antonio, my husband. We had so much fun (yes, the Hornets won!) rocking out to music, cheering on the players, and participating in the crowd games. Here is a picture of one of the games they had during a break between quarters. Two fans had to run inside a plastic bubble and race around cones. It was so funny.

Weekend Fun: Hornets game 4-6-08

Here is a picture of the Hornets Mini Cooper parked in front of the New Orleans Arena.

Weekend Fun: Hornets Mini Cooper 4-6-08

Of course, when I arrived home after the game, I had some work to finish. Soleil, Eliana and my niece, Camrynn, helped me with some new board games I created for my “Stories on Board” residency. (Thank you, girls!) I created a new game called “The Little Red Hen’s Pizza Party” to accompany my story, “The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza.” Here is Eliana and Camrynn working hard coloring the game.

Stories on Board Residency: Eliana & Cam working on Pizza Party game 4-6-08

Players have to move from slice to slice, all the way around the pizza to win. It’s fun and also highlights basic math concepts of addition and subtraction.

Stories on Board Residency: Pizza Party Game 4-6-08

After Eliana and Camrynn finished working on my games, they began working on a game Eliana invented call “Lily Pad Leapers.” The object of the game is to leap from lily pad to lily pad until you reach the finish and win a big juicy fly. I made small origami frogs to serve as the game pieces. The game is adorable. Eliana is soooo creative!

Lily Pad Leapers Game by Eliana 4-6-08

The highlight of my evening was opening a package from my publisher, Libraries Unlimited. We are promoting my new book, Handmade Tales at several conferences this year. They created a “Handmade Tales starter kit.” The “star” of the kit is a printed bandana to accompany my story, “Bandana Man.” Check out the bandana. OMG! It’s awesome!

Handmade Tales Bandana 4-6-08

Well, it’s late and I have a big day at school tomorrow. My third through fifth grade students are going to work on their board games. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Until tomorrow…

Warmly, Dianne