Stories on Board Residency: Day 8; Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Stories on Board Residency: Book Fair 4-10-08


Today was my eighth day doing my Stories on Board Residency at a school in the Metro New Orleans, Louisiana area. Every day this week, the library has been hosting the Scholastic Bookfair. Of course, I can never get away from a book fair without spending any money. There was no shortage of top-notch books from which to choose.

My first and second classes were a bit of a challenge. I had first grade as my first class. Their teacher was out and there was a sub but the children were a bit unruly. I had to spend ten minutes at the end of class talking to them about their behavior. My second class, 2nd grade,  was also a challenge. Unfortunately, there are several students in the class that were very disruptive. I had to counsel them for ten minutes before I could begin my story. Once I began, they really enjoyed it.

Stories on Board Residency: Telling to Kindergarten 4-10-08

Kindergarten was a delight. We had so much fun laughing and playing “The Little Red Hen’s Pizza Party” game. Their teacher, Ms. Anchissi, must wear a halo because she has the patience of a saint. She is so nurturing. I love watching her guide and counsel her students. She does it with such love.

My class before lunch is 3rd grade. I love going to Mr. Boone’s class. Mr. Boone is a fun guy and he LOVES taking pictures. Here is one of Mr. Boone with the game “Pizzalicious,” based on “The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza.”

Stories on Board Residency: Mr. Boone with Pizzalicious game 4-10-08

Since the class is right before lunch, we are always salivating over pizza – I guess it’s the power of suggestion. Here is a picture of me instructing the 3rd graders on how to create their game boards and label their game spaces.

Stories on Board Residency: Dianne teaching 4th grade 4-10-08

This is “Pizzaopoly,” a “hands-on” game! 😉

Stories on Board Residency: 4th grade Pizzaopoly Game 4-10-08

Here is “Pizzalicious,” completed. This game is going to be so much fun to play.

Stories on Board Residency: 4th Grade Pizzalicious Game 4-10-08

After lunch, I went to 4th grade. Their story was “The Ant and the Grasshopper.” There were some great game titles such as “Working for Winter”  and “The Ant Hill.” This game is called “Working for Winter,” and is still in progress.

Stories on Board Residency: 4th grade Working for Winter game 4-10-08

My day ended in preschool. When I first walked in, they were all napping. It didn’t take long to rouse them when they found out the storyteller was there! I love how attentive they are when I am telling my story.

Stories on Board Residency: Telling to PK 4-10-08

I loved ending my day in Pre-K. They are so loving and sweet. One little boy said to me, “You are the best teacher ever and you are never leaving this classroom!” Another little girl came and just planted herself in my lap, like we had known each other forever and a day.  Though my day started a little rough, my day ended in enchantment.

On Monday and Tuesday, I get to see all the classes together during their PE period. It’s going to be fun and challenging to manage a whole grade at a time but I look forward to it.

Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne