Stories on Board Residency: Day 5; Monday, April 7, 2008

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Stories on Board Residency: Telling Little Red Hen to Kindergarten 4-7-08


Today was Day 5 of my Stories on Board Residency. For the lower grades (K-2), I told the story of “The Littlte Red Hen Makes a Pizza” and sang my original song, “Pizza Party.” Then the students played the game I created based on the story of “The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza” called “The Little Red Hen’s Pizza Party.” The above picture is of me telling the story to a kindergarten class. Here is a picture of first graders playing the game.

Stories on Board Residency: 1st graders playing Pizza Party 4-7-08

The students really loved the Pizza Party game. It was a lot of fun. I even played the game with my second grade class, though I didn’t win…

In Grades 3-5, they worked on creating the board games based on the story assigned to their class. Today’s third graders were assigned the story, “The Three Little Pigs.” Here are some of the game boards they created. This one is called “Inspiring Pig.”

Stories on Board Residency: 3rd graders drawing Inspiring Pig board game 4-7-08

I loved seeing the collaboration and group cooperation! It was amazing to see these students share ideas, give each other suggestions, and implement their plans. This 3rd grade group’s game is called “The Pig Escape.”

Stories on Board Residency: 3rd graders drawing The Pig Escape game 4-7-08

My fourth graders worked with the story, “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” The creativity of this group was amazing. There was “Trollopoly,” “The Triumph Over the Terribly Treacherous Troll,” and “Go for the Grass!”

Stories on Board Residency: 4th graders drawing Go for the Grass Game 4-7-08

In 5th grade, the students were assigned the story, “Henny Penny.” The students were amazingly into their project. They wanted to continue working on their boards even when it was time to end the class. They created some really cool games. Here is “Chickenopoly.”

Stories on Board Residency: 5th graders drawing Chickenopoly 2 4-7-08

This is a picture of the game titled, “Super Chicken.”

Stories on Board Residency: 5th graders drawing Super Chicken 4-7-08

I can’t wait to see how my other students’ board games turn out. It’s going to be sooo cool!

Until next time…

Warmly, Dianne