Stories on Board Residency: Day 4; April 3, 2008

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Stories on Board Residency: Telling to PK 4-3-08


Today was Day 4 of my “Stories on Board Residency.” I had so much fun today. My first class was first grade. They had a blast. Here is a picture of some first grade boys playing “Gingerbread Jam.” It was wonderful to witness the teamwork and camaraderie between the students.

Stories on Board Residency: 1st graders playing Gingerbread Jam 4-3-08

First grade set the tone for the rest of the day. Being in that class just put me in a good mood. Their teacher is an absolute delight. She was so enthusiastic and it was contagious. (Thank you, Ms. Lemoine!)

She had the children use the “Engage-O-Meter” to gauge how much they liked the activity. A happy face signified that they loved the activity, a straight face signified that the activity was so-so, and a sad face signified that they did not enjoy the activity at all. The Engage-O-Meter was hung on a clothes line. The children were given clothes pins to clip to the face that represented how they felt about the activity. Here is a picture of students hanging their clothes pins on the Engage-O-Meter.

Stories on Board Residency: 1st grade Engageometer 4-3-08

While most of the children hung their clothes pins on the happy face, one student had the courage to place his on the straight face, indicating that the activity was “okay.”

It absolutely thrilled me that Ms. Lemoine loved the Gingerbread Jam game so much she asked if she could have a copy of it. Of course, I agreed. I spent about 40 minutes making a copy of the game (reducing it on the copy machine, cutting pieces and taping them together, resizing and copying again, and finally putting the 8.5 X11″ sheet through the poster machine). So now, Ms. Lemoine’s first grade class has their very own copy of The Gingerbread Jam. Here is a picture me and the teacher who made me so happy. 🙂 What a doll!

Stories on Board Residency: Dianne & Ms. Lemoine 4-3-08

In my third grade class, I had a blast. The teacher there, Mr. Boone, is an energetic and silly teacher who really loves his students. When I asked the students to describe some of Mr. Boone’s “characteristics” (part of the lesson), they responded with “nice” and “fun.” He’s just the kind of teacher I would have loved having in third grade! I gave Mr. Boone my camera and he took some of the best pictures, including this self-portrait.

Stories on board Residency: Mr. Boone self-portrait 4-3-08

Here is a picture of me teaching the story mapping lesson to Mr. Boone’s third grade class.

Stories on Board Residency: Teaching 3rd grade 4-3-08

After lunch, when I arrived in fourth grade, I told “The Ant and the Grasshopper” and started my lesson plan. Suddenly, the loud speaker pipes in, “Fourth grade teachers, please send your students to the No Tardy Party.” Students who did not receive any tardies that quarter were treated to a party. Consequently, about 3/4 of my class got up and left! I was left with 9 students. In spite of that, I had an awesome class. I proceeded with the lesson and the students really enjoyed the work. They are excited about inventing their own board games. Here is a picture of them working on their story maps.

Stories on Board Residency: 4th grade working on story maps 4-3-08

Here is a close-up of a fourth grader working on her story map.

Stories on Board Residency: 4th grader story mapping 4-3-08

My last class was Pre-K. Wow – they are so adorable. They listened so intently to my story, singing all the choruses and really participating in “The Gingerbread Man.” After the story, we began playing the game. I was surprised at how quickly they grasped the math concepts in “The Gingerbread Jam.” They played as well as many of my kindergarten and first grade classes. Here is a picture of me giving a “high five” to one of my Pre-K students. (Thank you, Ms. Renee!)

Stories on Board Residency: PK High Five 4-3-08

Here is a picture of me with the Pre-K teacher, Ms. Muller. Isn’t she a cutie?!

Stories on Board Residency: Dianne & Ms. Muller PK 4-3-08

After my last class, my day was not over! There was a big surprise in store for me. Betty Brodtmann, the librarian at the school where I did the Louisiana Story Fest residency in February, stopped by with a treat for me! She and one of the Pre-K teachers, Carla Short, gifted me two pies — sweet potato pie and pecan pie! I was so touched that I cried… The card that came with the gift said on the front “You are as sweet as pie.” Inside it read:

“Dianne, it was a pleasure having you visit our school. You are a sweetheart! Take care and God Bless. Sincerely, Betty & Carla”

Thank you so much, Betty and Carla! It’s a great feeling to know that you leave an imprint on someone’s heart like that. Here is a picture of Betty and me holding my pies. Mmmmmm!

LA Story Fest - Dianne & Betty with pies 4-3-08

Here is a picture of Carla with another teacher, Jennifer, from my residency in February. Carla is on the right.

LA Story Fest - Jennifer & Carla

I am soooo blessed to live this life! I am doing what I love, making new friends, and making a difference in the lives of thousands of children and adults each year. Thank you so much for being a part of my life!

Warmly, Dianne