Stories on Board Residency: Day 3; April 2, 2008

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Stories on Board Residency: 1st graders playing Gingerbread Jam 4-2-08


It was another wonderful day at school. My kindergarten through second grade classes really enjoyed playing “Gingerbread Jam.” There was a lot of teamwork, with students really cooperating and working together to play the game. The first grade teacher commented at lunch, “Thank you. We really appreciated the work you did in class today. The students really enjoyed it.” I just love it when learning is fun.

I have really enjoyed telling the story “Gingerbread Man.” It’s a classic but I’ve jazzed it up with fun rhythm and rhyme and the students are constantly singing the chorus around the school. Classes I visit for the first time are already singing the refrain to me before I even begin the story! Here is a picture of me telling the story to kindergarteners.

Stories on Board Residency: Dianne telling to Kindergarteners 4-2-08

In the second grade class I visited, the teacher, Ms. Vizzini, gave me a brilliant idea (it was so obvious that I hit myself in the head for not thinking of it first)! Sometimes you just need a fresh point of view… Anyway, she suggested that I use little Dixie cups to roll the dice. The students shake the cup and turn it upside down, capturing the die. That way, dice aren’t rolling all over the table and onto the floor. Terrific idea. Thanks, Ms. Vizzini!

Stories on Board Residency: Ms. Vizzini & Dianne 4-2-08

My third through fifth grade classes were delightful. Third grade was assigned “Sody Sallyraytus,” fourth grade was assigned “The Tortoise and the Hare,” and fifth grade was assigned “The Gingerbread Man.” They story mapped their tales and will be creating board games based on those stories next week. Here is a third grade student working on her story map.

Stories on Board Residency: 3rd Grader Story Mapping Sody Sallyraytus 4-2-08

Here is a picture of a 5th grade student looking over his “Stories on Board” worksheet.

Stories on Board Residency: 5th grader looking over worksheet 4-2-08

What was really cool was that my 5th graders requested that I sing the chorus of “The Gingerbread Man” again before I left the class. Again, another fabulous day. I just love what I do! 🙂

Until next time… Happy Tales to You!

Warmly, Dianne