Philippines Day 7 – Journey Home 3-17-08

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Philippines Day 7 - Last Look at the Beach 3-17-08


The above picture is my last look at the beach before I left Boracay. Notice the sand bags and the fallen tree trunk? Just one month earlier, a storm ravaged the shores of Boracay, leaving the beach stripped of tons of sand and natural shoreline. It had not yet been restored when we arrived and may take some time before it is finally repaired.

So it was back to Manila by tricycle, by bangka boat, by van, and by plane. Here is a picture of the bangka boat that took us back to the Caticlan Jetty Port, where our van driver, Ernie, was waiting for us.

Philippines Day 7 - The Last Bangka 3-17-08

Here is a picture of me leaving Boracay in the bangka. 🙁 I am happy to have had the experience but sad to leave the beauty of this paradise behind…

Philippines Day 7 - Goodbye Boracay! 3-17-08

Ernie, our van driver, took us through the countryside and even paused so I could take some pictures. I had to take this picture since I tell “Rockin Three Billy Goats.” So where is the troll? “Who’s that trippity trappin’ over my bridge?!!”

Philippines Day 7 - Goats 3-17-08

Then we came across two carabao – a rare sight to see them so close! Wow! Unless, of course, you work with them in the rice paddies.

Philippines Day 7 - Carabao 3-17-08

When we arrived in Kalibo, Ernie told us to try the chicken binicol. It is chicken cooked inside bamboo over a hot fire. It sounded delicious so we sat in a restaurant across the street from the airport while a porter took care of checking our lugagge in and securing our boarding passes (couldn’t do THAT in the U.S.!). When I saw the chicken, I lost my appetite. My Auntie Jovie grabbed the first piece yelling, “I just love chicken feet!” Ugh. Gross. Disgusting. And with rice, no less, sitting atop a beautiful banana leaf…

Philippines Day 7 - Gross Chicken Feet 3-17-08

Okay, not everything was picture perfect. But I did give you all the good parts. You can’t have the chicken without the feet too. LOL

Fortunately, our flight back to Manila was not full. So we all got our own window seats! Here is a picture leaving Panay Island.

Philippines Day 7 - Leaving on a Jet Plane 3-17-08

I was born in the Philippines so I guess I am truly an island girl at heart. Until next time…

Philippines Day 7 - Island Girl with Hibiscus 3-17-08

Mahal kita!

Warmly, Dianne