Philippines Day 6 – Flying High in the Sky! 3-16-08

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Philippines Day 6 - Diniwid Beach 3-16-08


Katrin and I planned on going parasailing (Day 6 in the Philippines, Day 3 in Boracay). Auntie Jovie and Auntie Espie left earlier to explore the island. They were supposed to be back by 10am to go parasailing with us but they never showed up so we decided to head off anyway. Later on, Katrin and I found out that Auntie Jovie and Auntie Espie got lost! They made it back to the hotel okay albeit late.

We had to walk down a path by a cave to get to the beach to find a parasail booking agent. Here I am posing in my fiery red sarong. I really did adapt to island life!

Philippines Day 6 - Dianne in Sarong 3-16-08

To go parasailing, we had to take a speedboat to the parasailing boat.

Philippines Day 6 - Speedboat to Parasailing 3-16-08

Once we got to the parasailing boat, we had to get hooked up to our parachute straps as well as don a life vest. Here we are in fullgear…

Philippines Day 6 - Dianne & Katrin in full parasail gear 3-16-08

Now check out the Super Girls parasailing! Wheeeeeee!

Philippines Day 6 - Super Girls Parasailing 3-16-08

Yes, it really is us. Here is a close-up. Wow! What a natural high! Pun intended! hahaha

Philippines Day 6 - Super Girls Parasailing Closeup 3-16-08

After our parasailing adventure, we headed back to the beach in front of our hotel. I coaxed the speedboat driver to give us some extra time and he did, giving us another spin around. Welcome to the “Lifestyles of the Wish We Were Famous!” What a life! Sailing, snorkeling, speed boating, parasailing, sunning… I could get used to this! I went from the color of the foam in a cappuccino to the color of cappuccino itself! LOL

Philippines Day 6 - Speedboat Babes 3-16-08

After our parasailing adventure, we found my aunts and spent the rest of the day sunning and swimming at the beach. It was wonderfully relaxing although I still can’t seem to get all the sand out of my nooks and crannies! hahaha

Here is a picture of my two aunts, taking a welcome respite in a shady cove…

Philippines Day 6 - Auntie Jovie & Auntie Espie in a shady cove

Later that night, we again headed to D’Mall for some dinner. Katrin wanted a henna tattoo painted on and although my aunts protested, she did it anyway. She’s 20 years old… what can you do? Anyway, it looked cute although it was a tad too large for my taste. But hey, thank goodness it was only temporary…

Philippines Day 6 - Katrin’s Tatoo 3-16-08

Afterwards, my aunts headed back to the hotel and Katrin and I went back to the club we danced at the night before – Guilly’s Island. Now we had star status and we were invited to sit in the “VIP” section. The manager even rolled an air conditioner in front of me to cool me down (it’s an outdoor club on the beach). It seemed that everyone found out that I was an “author” and on the front page of the newspaper. My aunt called me an “artista,” which is a big deal in the Philippines. It was fun to be a “star” for a night. Here is a picture of me planting a kiss on a fan… Move over Angelina Jolie… LOL

Philippines Day 6 - The Kiss 3-16-08

Boracay was a fun-filled vacation of a lifetime. I enjoyed every minute of my time there. Too bad it was so short! We were leaving the next day – my family back to Manila and me back to the U.S.

The memories of Boracay and the time I spent with my family will be forever enduring, just like the waves that caress the sugary sand shores of the beach. Much love to all the people of Boracay! XOXOXO

Warmly, Dianne