Philippines Day 4 – Boracay Beach Babes! 3-14-08

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Philippines Day 4 - Landing in Kalibo 3-14-08


It was an early day, having to catch a flight to Kalibo in Panay. I was vacationing in Boracay (a Philippine island), rumored to be one of the Top 10 Beaches in the world. I took my two aunts, Jovie and Espie, as well as my cousin, Katrin. Above is the view from my window, overlooking the province of Aklan, where the Kalibo airport is located. From Kalibo, we had to take a 1.5 hour van ride through the countryside to get to the jetty port in Caticlan. From there, we had to take a Bangka boat to Boracay. And finally a tricycle to our hotel. The journey went like this: car, plane, van, bangka boat, and tricycle – just to get to our beach destination. But let me tell you, it was worth it. More on that later — you’ll see…

Here is a picture of my Auntie Jovie, Auntie Espie and cousin, Katrin, deboarding the plane. Auntie Jovie had only flown a couple of times and it was Katrin’s first time flying. We flew Philippine Airlines (PAL or “Plane Always Late” as it is so affectionately nicknamed).

Philippines Day 4 - Deboarding Plane 3-14-08

Once we arrived in Caticlan, we took a big Bangka boat to Station 1 in Boracay. This is Katrin boarding the bangka. Yes, it was scary. That’s why you pay a porter to bring your bags on board!

Philippines Day 4 - Boarding the Bangka to Boracay 3-14-08

Once we arrived in Boracay, we had to take a tricycle to our hotel, Microtel Inn and Suites in Diniwid Beach. Here is a picture of tricycles taken from a tricycle!

Philippines Day 4 - Tricycles from a Tricycle 3-14-08

Once we arrived at our hotel, we were greeted by the hotel staff with shell leis, ice cold sweet tea, and cold towels (it’s very hot in the Philippines). What a welcome!

Philippines Day 4 - Welcome to Boracay! 3-14-08

I rented one of the best rooms in the hotel – an executive suite on the ground floor that sleeps four. The sliding glass door opens to the pool and the beach. What a phenomenal view!

Philippines Day 4 - View from Room 3-14-08

This was my room… An American chiropractic standard bed! Yes!

Philippines Day 4 - Microtel Room 101 3-14-08

Of course, I had to explore. Check out the BEACH!! Oooh! Aaaah!

Philippines Day 4 - Beach View 3-14-08

Sugar white sands and calm turquoise waters! I really could become an island girl forever… After settling in our room, we donned our swim wear and had lunch in the hotel restaurant. Here we are – just the girls, sipping on Mango shakes…

Philippines Day 4 - Sippin on Mango Shakes 3-14-08

Afterwards, we spent a few hours playing in the sand, surf, and swimming pool. Here is a picture of me by the swimming pool as the sun is going down.

Philippines Day 4 - Dianne by the pool 3-14-08

Take a look at this gorgeous sunset! The sunsets on Boracay are breathtaking!

Philippines Day 4 - Boracay Sunset 3-14-08

After getting cleaned up, we headed to “D’Mall,” hip, happenin’ part of town located at Station 2. D’Mall is a vast array of markets, shops, cafes, restaurants, and beachside dining. Since my aunts and cousin had never eaten Mexican, Spanish or Cuban food, I treated them to Cafe Ole’, a cafe serving delicious Spanish/Mexican/Cuban style food. My aunts ordered black rice (colored with squid ink) paella filled with a wide variety of seafood. Here we are dining outdoors.

Philippines Day 4 - Cafe Ole 3-14-08

Speaking of seafood, OMG! Take a look at these lobsters. And they are sooo cheap. About US$6 each and from-the-sea fresh too!

Philippines Day 4 - Lobster! 3-14-08

We had a wonderful time our first day in Boracay. We couldn’t stay out too late. We had a date in the morning. I chartered a “paraw,” a sailboat… I’ll leave you with a picture of our pool at sunset. Wish you were here…

Philippines Day 4 - The Pool @ Night 3-14-08

Warmly, Dianne