Fajitas-n-Ritas Fiesta Sorpresa (March 1, 2008)

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Antonio’s Fiesta - Antonio & George 3-1-08


I did it! I pulled it off (with lots of help – Thanks, Mom, Clay, Gary, Jennie, Papi, Soleil and kids). Antonio’s 40th Birthday Fajitas-n-Ritas Surprise Fiesta was a success. Ole!

His best friend, George (pictured above) took Antonio out for the day for a belated birthday celebration to have lunch and to see the WWII Baseball exhibit at the National World War II (D Day) Museum. Antonio left after 1:30 pm so I didn’t get started preparing for the party until 2:00 pm and the party was scheduled for 7:00 pm!! I had to hide everything at my mom’s house. I chose a Mexican Fiesta theme because Antonio and I met at a Mexican restaurant 17 years ago…

Antonio’s Fiesta - Table 3-1-08

I had less than five hours to cook, clean, decorate and get ready. My mom, Jennie (my mother-in-law) and I did the cooking. Soleil and my brother, Gary, helped with the decorating. On the menu: beef fajitas marinated in tequila, lime, garlic and Southwest seasoning; cheese enchiladas; Mexican casserole; refried black beans; Spanish rice; chicken tortilla soup; walking taco; Fiesta pork roast; nachos; chips and salsa; pineapple, grapes, and strawberries with cream cheese fruit dip; caramel cake; and birthday cake. In addition, we had a fruit punch fountain, sangria and of course, the MARGARITAS! I set up a fajita bar outside where people could make their own fajitas or burritos. We had all the fixins – grilled onions, grilled bell peppers, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, lettuce, and tomatoes. There was a ton of food inside and outside.

Antonio’s Fiesta - Patio 3-1-08

We waited for Antonio with sombreros on… When he walked through the door, we all yelled, “OLE!” Was he surprised! He had no idea that this was going on. It was a big sigh of relief for me because I had to do some elaborate “storytelling” to pull this surprise party off. We had tons of friends and family who helped make this night special. (Love to my best friend, Lisa and Johnette…)

Antonio’s Fiesta - Waiting with Sombreros on… 3-1-08

Petros, Antonio’s friend and co-worker, volunteered to blend the margaritas and boy, did he blend a bunch of margaritas! Here is Petros (no, hats off to YOU, Petros!) with his wife, Katarena, and our friend, Harold (who LOVED wearing his hat – yes, Harold, you may have one to keep). LOL 🙂

Antonio’s Fiesta - Petros & Harold Ole! 3-1-08

It was such a wonderful party. We had a great time eating fajitas, sipping on ‘ritas and eating AND dancing Salsa! I wanted to show my husband that yes, 40 is fabulous, especially when you are surrounded by friends and family. We had over 30 people helping us celebrate! Now that is living! Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Antonio’s Fiesta - Cake 3-1-08

We certainly managed to spice up Antonio’s birthday. What a celebration!

Antonio’s Fiesta - Antonio & Dianne 3-1-08

Here is my mom, Josie – 2 pot holders, 4 margaritas, 6 sombreros, and 8 hours later… Yes, she really is wearing 6 sombreros! (Thanks for all your help, Mom! I could not have accomplished this without you!)

Antonio’s Fiesta - Josie 3-1-08

Find the “Fiesta” in your life and celebrate with friends and family. Ole!

Warmly, Dianne