Organized and Energized! – Part 6 The Bathroom

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By Dianne de Las Casas

Organization: Guest Bathroom

The Bathroom
This is a room that everyone visits several times a day, including guests. It’s also a room that because it’s filled with moisture, can build up with bacteria. Keeping the bathroom both clean and tidy is a must. The bathroom pictured above is not only the guest bathroom, it is also the bathroom of our two daughters, ages 7 and 17.

Clear surface clutter. Store makeup and toiletries in organizers and bins and put them behind closed doors. I simplified my husband’s morning routine by putting everything he needed to get ready in the morning in one basket – shaving cream, razor, lotion, aftershave, hair products, etc. The only thing on our counter is a beautiful floral arrangement, a candle, and the hand soap dispenser.

I also simplified my make-up routine with less make-up – foundation, blush, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. “Less is more.” My make-up routine takes five minutes in the morning. Lipliner and lipstick is kept in my purse.

Get in the Zone – Divide your bathroom into “zones” and containerize accordingly. Items that may be stored in the bathroom include tooth care supplies, facial cleansing and makeup routine products, hair care tools and hair products, surplus toiletries, cleaning supplies, feminine hygiene, toilet tissue, and towels. Group “like with like.” In this drawer you see hair brushes, hot irons, and combs.

Organization: Guest Bathroom Hair Care 2-10-08

Toss old make-up and excess toiletries. If you bought a product you didn’t like, don’t keep it. Toss it or give it to someone who will use it.

Clean the sink, toilet and tub weekly. You can do quick wipe-downs for quick cleanings in between. Streamline underneath the sink by using the 3 Bs -Bins, Baskets and Boxes. Here you will see surplus toiletries, hair care products, and other toiletries.

Organization: Guest Bathroom Toiletries 2-10-08

On the other side of this cabinet, you find cleaning supplies, skin care medication, mouth wash and hand soap. Notice the baskets. The cleaning supplies are stored in a basket with a handle that can be lifted right out to do the job. The medicine is stored in a lined basket, which helps contain accidental spills.
Organization: Guest Bathroom Cleaning Supplies 2-10-08

Keep the shower curtain closed. It’s like another wall and hides the visual clutter of the bathtub.

Speaking of the bathtub, you should have no more than one shampoo, conditioner, and soap in the tub. If four people are using the same bathroom and use different products, that could mean twelve different products cluttering the bathtub! Try to streamline such as selecting a family-size shower gel for everyone to use.

The bathroom is a place that deserves your attention because it is a room that endures heavy use. Declutter and streamline your bathroom’s functions. It will make mornings a lot easier and more efficient.

There is a Shaker saying that a friend of mine taught me, “If it can be put down, it can be put up.” Put up the clutter; don’t put up with the clutter! This is your year to get organized and energized. Here’s to beautiful spaces. Here’s to beautiful you!