Organized and Energized! Part 2 – The Entry Way

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By Dianne de Las Casas

The Entry Way
This is the first point of entry for the entire family. Organizing this area is vital, especially if you have kids, where shoes are kicked off, coats are dumped, and backpacks are plopped on the floor. It’s easy to organize the entry way, especially if you “zone” everything.

If you have a large entryway, consider investing in a “mud room” storage unit. It is equipped with individual cubbies (for hats, gloves, scarves, etc.), a drawer for shoes, hooks for coats, and a bench for purses and backpacks. Target carries them (lower end) as does Crate and Barrel (higher end).

If you have a small entry way, like me, maximize the space with individual organization tools. Train the kids to bring their backpacks to their rooms.

Hooks – Install hooks for coats and purses (coat racks are bulky and take up too much space – they also tend to “collect” items much like the treadmill in the bedroom ends up being a clothes hanger).

Entry Way Table – Find an entry way table that fits your wall space. Use labeled bins and baskets to collect keys, cell phones, scarves, gloves, hats, etc.)

Umbrella Stand – A large vase works well as an umbrella stand, tucked away in a corner.

Sorting Bins – Provide a bin or basket to collect mail. Sort through the mail and junk the junk immediately. Bills should go in the bill paying area right away. Magazines can be distributed to the bedside or in the designated magazine area.

Organization: Entry Way 2-10-08

There is a Shaker saying that a friend of mine taught me, “If it can be put down, it can be put up.” Put up the clutter; don’t put up with the clutter! This is your year to get organized and energized. Here’s to beautiful spaces. Here’s to beautiful you!