Louisiana Story Fest Residency Day 7

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LA Story Fest Dragon 2-26-08


At the end of this week, on Friday, my 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will perform their “Louisiana Story Fest.” Each grade will perform for each other as well as lower grades and parents. Each class is performing a Louisiana folktale that I have adapted into a story theater script just for that class.

I began the day with a fantastic 3rd grade class performing “Take Care of my Cabbage.” The students cooperated and collaborated to create a wonderful performance. The chorus was right on and my storytellers were expressive and worked without their scripts. This was their first full rehearsal! I beamed with pride. Here is the third grade chorus rehearsing “Take Care of my Cabbage.” They used the scarves to represent the cabbage.

LA Story Fest 3rd Grade Cabbage 2-26-08

There was abundant joy in my PK-3 class as we explored Zydeco and Cajun music with scarves. They were so cute!

LA Story Fest PK3 2-26-08

My fourth grade class was challenging. They really pushed me to the limit and I had to issue a behavior report to one of the students. I was told that their regular teacher has been out for a couple of days so they were really wound up. In the end, we rehearsed through most of the story. I get to see them one more time before Friday so I hope they’ll be able to pull it together in time for the performance! There are so many talented children in this class; they just lack self-control and discipline. It makes me crazy to see such bright children not apply themselves!

After my restless fourth grade class, I peeked next door into another fourth grade class. They were quietly working on a an Easter project “I am ‘Eggcellent.'” Inside a large egg, they wrote down their excellent qualities. Some of the writings were really touching. One student wrote, “I am ‘eggcellent’ at reading to my sister and helping my mom wash the dishes. I like to help my mom.” Another  student wrote, “I am ‘eggcellent’ at dancing.” He even showed me some of his moves. Here is a picture of one of the students’ social studies projects. It is about life on the farm. “Eggcellent” work!

LA Story Fest Farm 4th Grade 2-26-08

The second fourth grade class really brightened my day. We listened to some of my Jump, Jiggle & Jam CD and even danced the “Soulja Boy.” We had a blast.

As challenging as some children can be, I still wouldn’t trade what I do for the world. No matter how apathetic some students seem, I can see their hidden potential. Today, I caught a fourth grade boy who did not want to participate in the story theater activity smiling as he participated. Tough on the outside, still a child on the inside.

When I work with students, each day brings new challenges and new joys. This is why I do what I do… in the hopes that somehow my work will make a difference, even if it is not readily apparent.  A friend once told me that working with children is sacred work. It is – you never know when you will touch a child’s life forever…

Until next time…

Warmly,  Dianne